The Town of Grimsby owns all municipal roadways and all sidewalks. They are maintained by the Operations Centre, Roads Department. The Public Works Department established a Roads Quality Management System to provide safe roads for the residents of Grimsby.

Niagara Region roads are maintained by Regional Public Works Operations. The following are the Regionally owned roads:

  • Bartlett Avenue
  • Casablanca Boulevard
  • Christie Street
  • Livingston Avenue
  • Main Street East and West
  • Mountain Street (below and above the escarpment)
  • Mud Street East and West
  • South Service Road (including Clarke Street)

Snow removal

The Town's Operations Centre staff are responsible for snow removal from all municipal roads and sidewalks.


Parking issues are handled by by-law enforcement.


The Town is responsible for maintenance of the streetlights and poles. To report a streetlight not operating, please visit our Report an Issue

Sports equipment on Town roads

The Town does not encourage sports and game equipment, such as hockey/basketball nets and skateboard ramps on municipal roads and road allowances. These objects can potentially lead to vehicular and/or pedestrian incidents or accidents.

To reduce the chance of an incident occurring, we request that any unattended nets and ramps be placed on your private property.

Winter Season 

From Nov. 1 to May 1, all sporting equipment must be removed from the roads and boulevards.

The Town is not responsible for any damages to equipment not removed from the municipal roads.

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