Roads Quality Management System

Road Quality Management Standard (RQMS)

A quality management system (QMS) is a documented and implemented set of policies and procedures defining how an organization manages and directs its business processes, or the business that it does, concerning the quality of its product or service. The system assists our organization to identify, measure, control and continually improve our processes, ultimately leading to improved performance in the management of its business.

Policy Statement

The RQMS Policy statement is a written declaration by the Town identifying what its aims and commitments are concerning its transportation related infrastructure (i.e.: roads, bridges, sidewalks, signage, storm sewers, etc.).

What does this mean for Grimsby?

The RQMS follows the ‘plan, do, check, improve' model that requires the Town to document the processes it performs while operating and maintaining its transportation infrastructure (plan), implement those processes (do), review how those processes are functioning (check) and make changes to those processes to make them better (improve).  By consistently repeating this cycle, we are continually improving our system.

The Town's commitments             Safe - Roads Quality Management System Policy

  • Serving Grimsby residents and visitors by providing
    and maintaining safe transportation infrastructure.
  • Always improving the Roads Quality Management
  • Following and complying with applicable legislation
    and regulations.
  • Establishing and maintaining a Salt Management
    Plan in accordance with Environment Canada's Code of Practice.

Where can I find more information about the RQMS?

Copies of the RQMS Operational Plan outlining the various practices to meet the RQMS Standard requirements are available for public viewing at the following facilities:

  • Grimsby Town Hall, 160 Livingston Avenue
  • Grimsby Operations Centre, 2 Clarke Street

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