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The Carolinian Forest

What is the Carolinian Forest?

The Carolinian Forest is a distinct biogeographic region characterized by its rich biodiversity and unique flora and fauna. Spanning parts of the United States and Ontario, Canada, this temperate deciduous forest boasts a variety of species not found elsewhere in the country.

  • Flora: The forest is home to a wide array of plant life, including towering tulip trees, majestic oaks, and vibrant wildflowers.

  • Fauna: Diverse bird species, such as the scarlet tanager and eastern bluebird, thrive here. Mammals like white-tailed deer and Eastern cottontail rabbits also call this forest home.

  • Ecosystem Services: The Carolinian Forest provides crucial ecosystem services, such as air and water purification, climate regulation, and habitat for countless species.

  • Conservation: Due to its ecological significance, efforts are ongoing to conserve and restore the Carolinian Forest, promoting sustainable coexistence.

Conservation Initiatives
  • Local Organizations: Discover how local environmental groups and government initiatives in Grimsby are working to preserve and enhance the Carolinian Forest.
  • Community Involvement: Learn how you can get involved in conservation efforts and contribute to the protection of this vital ecosystem.
  • Responsible Recreation: When exploring the forest, practice Leave No Trace principles to minimize your impact on the environment.
  • Native Plant Gardening: Consider incorporating native plants into your garden to support local biodiversity.
  • News and Updates: Stay informed about conservation efforts, events, and ways to get involved through local news outlets and environmental organizations.


We hope to inspire people to protect and enhance our environment through programs and initiatives through leadership, education and advocacy. We do this by providing people with knowledge and skills to improve and protect the environment around them. 

Some great resources provided by the NPCA can be found following the below links. We encourage you to get involved!

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