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Office of the CAO

The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) is responsible for the oversight and administration of the Town of Grimsby's programs and services. The CAO implements the policies and direction of Council, acting as the main contact between the corporation and the elected officials. With support from the senior management team, the CAO develops and directs strategic initiatives for the organization. The Office of the CAO is also responsible for corporate communications and stakeholder relations.

Office of the Clerk

The Office of the Clerk is responsible for a variety of corporate, administrative and legislative functions. The Office of the Clerk is generally the first point of contact for the public and for other agencies and governments. 

Some department functions include:

  • Statutory duties of the municipal clerk
  • Issues various licenses, including lottery licenses
  • Manages the Town's records
  • Conducts municipal elections
  • Prepares Council agendas and minutes
  • Administration of the Town's cemeteries
  • Reception and customer service

Building Department

The Building Department ensures existing buildings and properties, as well as all new construction, adhears to municipal, regional and provincial standards and legislation.  

The department's functions include: 

  • Overseeing building permit approval and issuance 
  • Enforcement of the Building Code Act and the Ontario Building Code
  • Reviews development proposals
  • Enforces development agreements 
  • Administration of construction services for new developments
  • Monitors and releases securities associated with the various development agreements
  • Reviews and comments on draft zoning by-law amendments and applications for minor variance and severance 
  • Enforces by-laws (including zoning, signs, building, property standards, waste, graffiti, keeping of animals)
  • Further to the policies and procedures established by the Town of Grimsby, a Code of Conduct shall apply to all Building Officials while performing their duties as they apply to the Building Code Act.

Finance Department 

The Finance Department manages the finances of the Town of Grimsby, including the creation of the annual capital and operating budgets.

Some of the department's functions include:

  • General accounting, accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • Budget management & planning
  • Financial reporting
  • Asset management
  • Procurement and purchasing
  • Water billing
  • Property taxes
  • Payroll 

Fire Department

The Grimsby Fire Department (GFD) has proudly served the Grimsby community since 1879. Embracing the three lines of defense model for service delivery (i.e. Public Fire and Life Safety Education, Fire Safety Standards and Enforcement, and Emergency Response), GFD has committed to shifting the traditional priorities of fire protection. GFD operates, as a composite department comprised of nine full-time staff and 56 volunteer / part-time firefighters. 

The department functions include:

  • Public fire and life safety education
  • Fire safety standards and enforcement
  • Emergency response
  • Municipal emergency management programming
  • Grimsby Regional Training Center (under MOU with Ontario Fire College)

Information Technology and Service Innovation Department 

The Information Technology and Service Innovation Department is responsible for management of the Town's IT infrastructure as well as working collaboratively with operational departments to develop innovative solutions through the use of automation and technology in order to meet goals and fulfil the Town’s mission in an efficient and cost effective manner. The department's functions include developing governance and policies for IT architectures and assisting with the technical analysis, design, procurement, implementation, and support of network infrastructure, communications systems, spatial solutions, cyber security and technology services.

Public Works Department

The Public Works department administers the construction, operation and maintenance of the physical infrastructure of the Town such as road network, water and wastewater systems and construction activities.

The department functions include:

Engineering Division:

  • The construction and maintenance of the Town's roads, storm sewers, bridges, culverts, sidewalks and streetlights
  • Ensuring the Town has safe clean drinking water, maintains sanitary sewers and storm water management ponds
  • New development servicing construction and roads

Operations Division:

  • Winter weather management including plowing, salting and sanding on town -owned roads and sidewalks
  • Sanitary sewer, watermain operational maintenance

Planning and Development Department

The Planning and Development department oversees planning initiatives to support effective and responsible growth and development in Grimsby. The department is responsible for a wide variety of functions associated with planning and land use.

The department functions include:

  • Policy development
  • Development applications and analysis
  • Administration of the Town's official plan and secondary plans

Community Services Department

The Community Services Department (formerly Parks, Recreation and Culture department) fosters the wellbeing of individuals and communities, and our natural environment by facilitating the development of sport, recreation, cultural opportunities, parks and open spaces and facilities. Responsible for services such as community development, children and youth programs, parks, culture services, trails and Town facilities.

The Department functions include:

  • Recreation and leisure programming
  • Seniors services and Grimsby Seniors club
  • Community development 
  • Special events and Filming permits
  • Facilities management and Facilities utilization
  • Parks, open spaces and trails 
  • Tree services in parks and open spaces, and community tree planting initiatives
  • Culture Services including Grimsby Public Art Gallery and Grimsby Museum
  • Civic Recognition program
  • Community grants program

Contact Us

Town of Grimsby
160 Livingston Avenue
Grimsby ON, L3M 0J5
Phone: 905-945-9634
Fax: 905-945-5010

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