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Business Licences

Refreshment Vehicles

A Refreshment Vehicle licence is required by anyone who owns, operates and uses any vehicle from which food and drinks are consumed by the public.

Refreshment Vehicles are governed and regulated by By-Law 92-118

Application Form

* Please attach written certification of the annual inspection by a certified propane fitter and approval of the Niagara Region Health Department (1-800-263-7248) and approval from the Grimsby Fire Department (905-945-2113).

Applicable Fees:

  • Chip Wagon (per unit): $107.19
  • Hot Dog Cart (per unit): $80.91
  • Ice Cream Bicycle (1st): $53.60
  • Ice Cream Bicycle (each additional): $27.31
  • Fire Department Inspection (if required): $107.19

Hawkers and Peddlers

A Hawkers and Peddlers licence is required by anyone who goes from place to place or to a particular place with goods, wares or merchandise for sale, or who carries and exposes samples, patterns or specimens of any goods, wares or merchandise that are to be delivered in the municipality afterwards.

Hawkers and Peddlers are governed and regulated by By-Law 83-120. These materials are available in alternate format, upon request.

Application Form

Applicable Fees:

  • Resident: $22.16
  • Non Resident: $107.19

All materials are available in alternate format, upon request

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