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Emergency Services and Safety

The Town of Grimsby receives world-class emergency services from the dedicated staff of the Grimsby Fire Department, Niagara Regional Police Service and Niagara Emergency Medical Service.

Grimsby Fire Department

The Grimsby Fire Department (GFD) is committed to the protection of both the life and property of the town's residents, businesses and visitors. Operating out of two fire stations, the GFD is responsible for training, education, prevention and emergency response throughout the town.

Farm Parcel Municipal Address Application 

The Farm Parcel Municipal Address Application (also known as Farm 911 - The Emily Project) permits address signage to be installed on rural farm lands that normally do not have civic addresses.  The address signs helps to provide a street address location in case of emergency, which can lead to a more efficient and effective emergency service response.

Niagara Regional Police Service

The Niagara Regional Police Service is made up of highly trained and professional individuals dedicated to serving and protecting residents and visitors in Grimsby and the entire Niagara region. 

Niagara Emergency Medical Services

Niagara Emergency Medical Services is comprised of paramedics and emergency medical dispatchers who are committed to promoting the safety and well-being of all residents and visitors to Niagara. 

Grimsby's Emergency Management Plan

Our Emergency Management Plan is a high-level operational document that details out how the town will manage an emergency within its boundaries. The plan outlines the roles and responsibilities of municipal staff during a crisis, as well as protocols for intergovernmental and inter-agency interactions.

All municipalities are required to have an emergency management program as per the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act.

72-Hour Emergency Preparedness

All Canadians are encouraged to take steps to ensure they are prepared to be self-sufficient in the 72 hours following an emergency. The federal Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness recommends you take the following steps with your family:

  1. Know the emergency risks in your area
  2. Make a plan for the entire family and make sure everyone understands it
  3. Put together your 72-hour emergency kit

Emergencies can be stressful times for the entire family. Being prepared can help minimize the stress, save time and keep everyone safer. During an emergency be sure to follow trusted local authorities for current and accurate information.  These sources include your local municipality, emergency services and a few other Emergency Information Sources in Niagara Region

Shared Fire Services

In 2020, the Town of Grimsby (the Town) applied and received funding through the Provincial Municipal Modernization Program. By using the grant obtained through the program, Emergency Services Strategy and Solutions Incorporated (ESSSi) was contracted to explore how the Town could become more efficient and effective in its Fire service delivery. The Fire Shared Services Summary Report below outlines ESSSi’s recommendation that the Town enter into a shared fire service with the Town of Lincoln, not only to improve efficiency and effectiveness, but to keep service costs low in the long-term.

Shared Fire Service Summary Report


Emergency Support and Services


Niagara Region Emergency Assistance 

Grimsby Benevolent Fund  

Learn more about preparing you and your family for an emergency.

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