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Tax rates

The tax rates for the Town and Region are based on the budgets approved by their respective councils. The province is responsible for establishing the tax rates for educational purposes.

The 2024 final tax rates for all levying bodies are detailed in the table below.  Final Tax Bills will be issued in the first week of July, due in two instalments:

  • 1st instalment due August 2, 2024
  • 2nd Instalment due October 4, 2024

2024 Final Tax Rates

Tax Class Description Tax Class Town Town Wastewater Region* Education Total
Residential RT       0.00319922   0.00074340   0.00748228   0.00153000   0.01295490
Multi-Residential MT       0.00630246   0.00146450   0.01474009   0.00153000   0.02403705
Commercial CT, CH, GT, ST       0.00555033   0.00128972   0.01298101   0.00880000   0.02862106
Commercial - Excess/Vacant CU, CX, SU, XU       0.00555033   0.00128972   0.01298101   0.00880000   0.02862106
Industrial IT, IH, LT       0.00841395   0.00195514   0.01967840   0.00880000   0.03884749
Industrial - Excess/Vacant IU, IX, LU       0.00841395   0.00195514   0.01967840   0.00880000   0.03884749
Pipelines PT       0.00544539     0.01273560   0.00880000   0.02698099
Farm/Managed Forests FT, TT       0.00079981   0.00018585   0.00187058   0.00038250   0.00323874

* Includes Region General, Waste and Transit Levies

Past Final Tax Rates

2023 Final Tax Rates

2022 Final Tax Rates

2021 Final Tax Rates


Example calculation

The tax rates for all classes of property are calculated as a "multiplier" of the residential tax rate based on the tax ratios approved by council.

Example: Residential property valued at $100,000 x tax rate (.01249518) = $1,249 a year in property taxes  

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