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At Grimsby Cemeteries, our goal is to satisfy the needs of those we serve by exceeding their expectations.

Locations and hours of operation

The Town of Grimsby owns and operates two cemeteries:

Both cemeteries are open from 7:30 a.m. to dusk.

Queen's Lawn and Grimsby Mountain Cemeteries

The Town of Grimsby owns and maintains the Queen's Lawn Cemetery located at 109 Main Street East in the heart of Grimsby and the Grimsby Mountain Cemetery located on the escarpment at 65 Elm Tree Road East. We have been caring for loved ones since 1890 and will serve our community for many more years to come. Our Town's Operations Centre staff maintain the cemetery grounds and excavation for burials.

Lot purchases

Lot purchases and interment arrangements can be made by appointment through our Public Works Department, Operations.  Call 905-945-9201, between the hours of 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday to reserve your time.

Cemetery rates

An up to date list of all fees associated with Town of Grimsby cemetaries can be found in our 2023 Consolidated Fees and Charges By-law  These materials are available in alternate format, upon request.


Interments are performed during regular business hours of 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday to Friday. Any interments performed outside these hours are subject to applicable overtime charges. Interments are not performed on Sundays unless there are special circumstances.

It is common for people to think they own the land, but actually they do not. What they have purchased is the rights to be buried there. This is called Interment Rights, which also includes erecting memorialization in accordance with current by-laws. You own these rights forever. Plot, cremation spaces, or any other interment right will never be re-sold.

Written permission

Someone else in your family may use the grave you have purchased, as long as the individual who holds the interment rights gives written permission.

Cremated remains

The Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act states that you can only scatter cremated remains (ashes) in a licensed cemetery. Permission must be obtained from whomever owns the land (whether public or private).

Care and Maintenance

When an interment right is purchased a portion is set aside for the care and maintenance of the cemetery. This amount can be up to 50% depending on the plot chosen. The cemetery uses the interest from this account to carry out the care and maintenance. This way cemetery property may be cared for forever.

No annual fees are required

The amount for ongoing care and maintenance is included in the purchase price; therefore, no annual fees are required. When a marker/monument is purchased, there is a one-time care and maintenance fee depending on the type and size of the marker selected

The staff at the Cemetery will be able to assist with any maintenance issues. If staff is not available at the cemetery, feel free to call 905-945-9201. 

Wreaths must be removed from all plots in the cemetery by no later than April 1 each calendar year. They may go on a plot as of Oct. 15 of each calendar year.

Any type of plantings or ornamentation must adhere to By-laws for the subject cemetery. The By-Laws are available in alternate format, upon request.

There are restrictions governing the placement of memorials on cemetery plots, which vary between cemeteries and between various areas within the cemetery. Please contact the cemetery office for more information.


No. The Town's by-law prohibits the private resale of interment rights. However, should you choose not to use your interment rights, the cemetery will be pleased to buy them back from you, in accordance with provincial law, or you may transfer your interment rights to a third party for a nominal charge through the cemetery office.

Care and Maintenance

Care and Maintenance is non-refundable after 30 days

Buying back plots

Process of buying back plots:

  1. Plot seller gets the current interment rights value
  2. Less the Care & Maintenance paid at the time of original purchase to 40% (if they paid 50%, we can only ask them for 40%)
  3. Less applicable taxes paid at the time of purchase
  4. When the plot is resold, only the difference between the sold back Care and Maintenance and the new charges go into Care and Maintenance
  5. The rest back to the general cemetery fund

Yes. Queen's Lawn Cemetery has designated areas for veterans and their partners. Veterans' sections are available to both Canadian and Allied veterans

Contact Us

Town of Grimsby
160 Livingston Avenue
Grimsby ON, L3M 0J5
Phone: 905-945-9634
Fax: 905-945-5010

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