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Speaking at Committee or Council

Speaking at Committee or Council

Any person who wishes to speak at a Committee or Council meeting must complete the Delegation Request Form on or before 12:00 p.m. (noon) on the Friday prior to the Council or Standing Committee meeting. For all other Committees, delegations must provide a written request on or before forty-eight (48) hours prior to the meeting. Delegations consisting of more than five (5) people will be limited to two (2) speakers. Delegations will be permitted on a first come first served basis.

Shortly after submission, staff will notify you if your request has been approved. If you wish to speak at a Public Meeting that is scheduled in accordance with the Planning Act, 1990, as amended, you do not need to register as a delegation, however it is encouraged.

To ensure compliance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, 1990, as amended, any and all materials to be displayed in the Council Chambers must be submitted to the Office of the Clerk by no later than noon on the Friday before the meeting. Any materials provided after the deadline will not be accepted. 

Delegations related to policy matters that have been dealt with in the last four (4) months, litigation or potential litigation including matters which are before and under the jurisdiction of any court or administrative tribunal unless the matter is referred to Council by the said administrative tribunal or court, Notice of Motions, by-laws and closed session items will not be permitted.

For more information related to delegations at a meeting held virtually, please see the Delegation Tip Sheet.

View our Council and Committee Calendar for upcoming meetings. 

How long can I speak for?

A delegation concerning agenda items has a maximum of ten (10) minutes. Speaking time may only be extended by an additional five (5) minutes at the discretion of the Chair.

The allotted time includes any audio or video presentations, but does not include answering questions from the Members.

Helpful Hints for Engaging Council 

Materials relating to your delegation need to be submitted to the Office of the Clerk on or before 12:00 p.m. (noon) on the Friday. Presentations must be in PowerPoint. The maximum file size to be submitted is 10 MB. Please note that USB keys with delegation materials will not be accepted at the meeting.

At the meeting, delegates will be asked to provide a copy of their speaking notes and any information they present for inclusion in the public record.

Delegations should prepare their presentation material using accessible formatting:

  • Use large font size (18 points or higher)
  • Include only a few bulleted points per slide
  • Use a high contrast colour scheme such as black or dark blue text on white background
  • Images or graphics should include captions or alternative text (help making PowerPoint presentations accessible)

Individuals are asked to state their name and provide their delegation. Some helpful tips for your introduction include: 

  • Introduce yourself and briefly describe your relationship to the issue. For example, you may be representing a group or you may live in or near an area where a problem is occurring.
  • State your topic. If you are requesting action to address a certain issue, describe the issue and the action you wish Council to take. If you are requesting funding, state the amount and purpose of funding.
  • Provide background information when appropriate. For instance, you may want to talk about how long the issue has been going on or how you or your organization has been affected. For funding requests, it is a good idea to provide your budget information and other revenue you have or are pursuing.
  • Once concluding your delegation, please remain to answer any questions that Committee/Council may have. Committee/Council members are permitted to ask a maximum of two (2) questions each per delegation. 
  • The appropriate way to address Committee/Council is to preface their surname with Mayor or Councillor. For example: Mayor Jordan.
  • All questions or comments shall be made through the Chair.

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