Water Leakage, Flooding and Drainage

 What are you experiencing? 

Basement Water – Do you have water in your basement through walls or window openings?
This is not a Town issue, homeowners should contact a local contractor to have the situation assessed, evaluated and corrected.
Water meter leaking or making a loud noise?
Contact the Operations Centre at (905) 945-9201 to schedule an appointment for inspection, repair or replacement. There is no charge for servicing the water meter.  The Town is responsible for the water and connecting nuts only.
Water shut-off leaking or inside fixtures (toilets, taps) dripping?

The property owner is responsible to repair the main water shut-off and properly maintain fixtures inside and outside their residence/building.

Contact the Operations Centre to inspect and turn off the water shut-off valve at the road. There is a $40 charge added to the property owner's water bill to turn off the main water shut-off.

Tap water discoloured or unusual odour?

Contact the Operation Centre at (905) 945-9201 to report discoloured water.

Contact the Grimsby Water Treatment Plant to report any unusual water odours at (905) 945-2840

Water shut-off at curbside too high or too low?
Contact the Operations Centre at (905) 945-9201 to arrange to have the shut-off adjusted.
Drainage issues on private property 

Storm water drainage issues on private property are generally the responsibility of the property owner.

However, please contact the Town if your drainage issue is related to one of the following:

What you can do.

Test for leaks; inside fixtures, sprinklers, outside taps

Being proactive and responsible for maintenance can prevent high water bills and building/property damage. 

Perform a test in the entire household by taking a water meter reading after the last use, recording all the digits and the position of the exact position of the tenth column. Refrain from using any water during the night and before taking the meter reading in the morning before the first usage. 90% of leaks in residential plumbing are found in the toilet tank. Add colouring or dye test tablet (local hardware store) in the toilet tank. If within 15 minutes the colouring appears in the toilet bowl, check the flapper is closing tight. Inspect the following fixtures connected to the water supply: taps (inside and out), water-cooled air conditioners, humidifiers, underground lawn sprinkler systems.

 Locate water services
Contact Ontario 1 Call at 1-800-400-2255 to arrange for any locates if you are digging on your property. Or go to www.on1call.com to request a locate online.
 Locate Water meter
Water meters are located in the basement along the front wall, near the floor, in the washroom or laundry room.

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