Water Billing

All properties in the Town of Grimsby below the Niagara escarpment are billed for water services. Residential and commercial properties receive a bill every four months.

The Town of Grimsby offer its residents many options for paying their water bill.

Charges on your water bill

There are two charges that appear on your water bill – a fixed charge and a variable charge:

  • The fixed charge pays for the cost of maintaining the water system
  • The variable charge is a consumption charge and is determined by your water usage. We subtract your last reading from the current reading to calculate the amount of water usage for the billing cycle.

Water rates

The 2022 water rates are effective May 1, 2022:

  • Fixed rate – the fixed rate is $104.60 every four months
  • Variable rate – the variable rate is $1.48 per m3 (1,000 L)

Sanitary sewer rates

Sanitary sewer rates are charged on your tax bill. Please refer to the Town's tax rates.

Billing dates

The town is divided into four areas for billing purposes. Each of those areas are billed three times a year. If your water account number begins with:

Account number


Billing months

001 to 016


January – May – September

020 to 034


February – June – October

036 to 054


March – July – November

056 to 070


April – August – December

If you have not received your bill by the end of your billing month, please contact the water department at 905-945-9634

Purchasing a Grimsby property with water services

To setup a new water account in Grimsby, you may complete the Water Change Ownership form using the link below or call 905-945-9634.

Water Change Ownership Form

Selling a Grimsby property with water services

Homeowners who have sold a property in Grimsby that have a water meter are required to notify the Town of the closing date and to provide a forwarding address for their final bill. You may notify the water department by completing the Water Change Ownership form or call 905-945-9634.

Water Change Ownership Form

Owner and tenants

All Town of Grimsby water bills are in the name of the property owner and mailed directly to the property owner. Water bills are not mailed to tenants.

Late payments

If a water bill remains unpaid after the due date, a one-time penalty of 5 per cent is added to the balance of the bill. A reminder notice will be mailed 10 business days after the due date. If a water account remains unpaid 30 business days after the due date, the outstanding water charges will be applied to the property's tax account and incur interest charges similar to overdue tax.

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