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As part of the 2023 budget, Council approved a change to the way the Town of Grimsby will bill and collect funds required to sustain the Town’s wastewater collection system, with a portion of the funds continuing to be collected on the property tax bills as a wastewater tax rate and the remaining being billed on the water bill based on water usage. Prior to 2023, the Town’s wastewater collection system was funded fully on the property tax bills as a wastewater tax rate. Funds collected through the wastewater budget are used to pay for sewage treatment costs, routine maintenance programs, and long-term capital rehabilitation and replacement programs. The 2023 wastewater rates were approved by council as part of the budget process, and consistent with previous years, the 2023 rates are effective May 1, 2023. The delay in the implementation of the wastewater rate will mean that the Town will not be able to collect the rate portion of the wastewater budget from January 1 – April 30, 2023. To accommodate this timing difference, the 2023 budget includes a one-time adjustment to how the wastewater program is funded to support the transition, with 100% of the program being from the tax levy from January 1 – April 30. This will result in 66.7% of the wastewater budget being funded from the tax levy and 33.3% being funded from user fees (wastewater rate); this will occur in 2023. Beginning in 2024, customers will be charged 50% of the cost from the property tax bill, with the remaining 50% being billed on the water bill based on water usage. Please see Grimsby’s Let’s Talk Page for further information.

Purpose of the Calculator

The purpose of the Calculator is to provide residents with a tool to calculate the estimated impact of this endorsed change on both their property taxes and water bill. The tool provides estimates for 2022 and 2023. The 2022 numbers are restated to align with the methodology approved for 2023 for comparison purposes, including a reduction of 33.3% to the wastewater tax rate and an estimated wastewater variable rate of 1.2996/cubic metre. The 2023 numbers are based on projected tax rates and 2023 Council-approved water and wastewater rates.

Property Value (see current assessed value on your final tax bill)
Average Water Bill (Includes fixed and variable rates. The average water bill is approx.. $200 every 4 months)
Property Type:
Average Yearly Water Usage (in Cubic Metres)  


  Tax Water Total


Property Tax - Current
 RateTotal Annual Tax
Municipal Tax (Town Levy) 0.00287793  
Municipal Wastewater program (Sewer Mtce-RT) 0.00128824  
Regional Waste Management 0.00044614  
Regional Levy 0.00603552  
Education Taxes 0.00153000  
Total Tax    
Property Tax - Proposed
 RatePercentageTotal Annual Tax
Municipal Tax (Town Levy) 0.00287793 100%  
Municipal Wastewater program (Sewer Mtce-RT) 0.00064412 66.7%  
Regional Waste Management 0.00044614 100%  
Regional Levy 0.00603552 100%  
Education Taxes 0.00153000 100%  
Total Tax    
Water - Current
 UsageRateTotal Annual Water
Flat fee 3.00 104.60 $313.80
Water Variable      
Sewer Variable   - -
Water - Proposed
 UsageRatePercentageTotal Annual Water
Flat fee 3.00 104.60 100% $313.80
Water Variable     100%  
Sewer Variable (Estimated) June - December     100%  
Sewer Variable (Estimated) Jan - April     100%  
Sewer Variable (Estimated) May - December   1.23 66.7%  

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