Idling Control By-law

To support initiatives to reduce emissions that contribute to climate change and poor air quality, The Town of Grimsby has developed the Idling Control By-law. The by-law states that no person shall cause or permit a vehicle to idle for more than three (3) minutes total in a sixty (60) minute period in an outdoor environment.

Benefits of the Bylaw

Frequently Asked Questions and Other Useful Information

  • The regulations established by this By-law apply to municipal property, private property, and highways (as defined in the Highway Traffic Act) within the geographical boundaries of the Town. 
  • Nothing in this By-law shall be interpreted as reducing or eliminating the need for full compliance with the provisions of all applicable federal and provincial statutes and regulations. 


This by-law does not apply to:

  • Police, fire, or ambulance Motor Vehicles while engaged in operational activities, including training activities
  • Mobile Work Vehicle while in the course of being used for its basic function;
  • Armoured Motor Vehicles where a person remains inside the Motor Vehicle while guarding the contents of the Motor Vehicle or while the Motor Vehicle is being loaded or unloaded;
  • Trains running exclusively upon rails;
  • Motor Vehicles transporting a person where a medical doctor certifies in writing that for medical reasons, the person requires the temperature or humidity be maintained within a certain range;
  • Motor Vehicles assisting in an emergency activity;
  • Motor Vehicles where the Idling is required as part of a repair process or to prepare a Motor Vehicle for servicing;
  • Motor Vehicles that remain motionless because of an emergency over which the driver has no control, or because of mechanical difficulties over which the driver has no control;
  • Motor Vehicles engaged in a parade authorized by Council, a race authorized by Council, or any other such event authorized by Council;
  • Motor Vehicles when the ambient outside temperature is more than 27 degrees Celsius (27 C) or less than 5 degrees Celsius (5 C);
  • Motor Vehicles when halting temporarily for the purpose of and while actually engaged in receiving or discharging passengers;
  • Motor Vehicles when halting temporarily in compliance with the directions of a police officer;
  • Motor Vehicles when halting temporarily to obey a Traffic Control Sign or a Traffic Control Signal;
  • Motor Vehicles when reasonably idling to comply with the requirements of the Highway Traffic Act for windows to be in a condition to afford the driver a clear view;
  • Motor Vehicles when operated on the traveled portion of a Drive-through lane;
  • A Transit Vehicle;
Enforcement and Penalties
  • Enforcement will be limited to warnings and distribution of educational materials to allow for an adjustment period of the bylaw.


Join us in learning about the effects of idling and what we can do to improve our air quality.

Idling Car with Green Cross indicating no idling

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