Health Care and Wellness


Grimsby is served by the West Lincoln Memorial Hospital, which is part of Hamilton Health Sciences. The 60-bed hospital offers medical/surgical, obstetrical, complex continuing care, intensive care and emergency services.

Every year the West Lincoln Memorial Hospital provides care for more than 30,000 patients, performing more than 3,700 surgeries and delivering more than 1,000 babies.

Finding a family doctor or nurse practitioner

Having a family doctor or nurse practitioner is an important part of ensuring you and your family stay as healthy as possible. They are the person you go to with non-emergency health concerns and to receive regular check-ups, referrals for specialists and help with chronic conditions (such as diabetes or high blood pressure).

The province has options in place to help in finding a family doctor.

Walk-in clinics and health centres

Grimsby, and the surrounding area, have numerous options for walk-in clinics and non-emergency health centres.

Search the province's database to find a nearby walk-in clinic or health centre.

Staying active in grimsby

Grimsby has numerous parks, sports fields and trails that can be accessed to help you stay healthy and fit. Visit our Parks and Recreation department to learn more about programs to stay active. Test

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