2018 Municipal Election

Please see the list below for information on the 2018 Municipal Election:

2018 certified election results

 Please find below the certified results for Grimsby's 2018 Municipal Election:

To view certified results for the Conseil Scolaire Viamonde, please go to the City of Hamilton website.

To view certified results for the Conseil Scolaire De District Catholique Centre Sud, please go to the City of St. Catharines website.

 2018 financial statements 

Section 78 of the Municipal Elections Act, 1996, requires that every person that has filed a nomination paper with the Town of Grimsby to participate as a candidate in the Municipal Elections (even those persons that subsequently withdraw their candidacy) file a financial statement with the Town Clerk.

These financial statements detail the income and expenses incurred during a candidate's campaign.

The Municipal Elections Act, 1996 does not require the Clerk or the municipality to analyze or review the financial statements for accuracy or correctness. The Clerk needs only to determine “on the face of the document” whether or not a candidate has failed to pay over any campaign surplus to the municipality or has incurred expenses in excess of the spending limit for the office.

Pursuant to the Municipal Elections Act, 1996, the official copies of the candidates' financial filing statements are the hard copies filed manually with the Clerk of the Town of Grimsby. These documents are public documents and are available for inspection at the Clerk's Department of the Town of Lincoln during normal business hours. Any person may make extracts from the documents and is entitled to copies of the documents but must only do so knowing that, in accordance with Section 88(10) of the Municipal Elections Act, 1996, the information obtained shall only be used for election purposes.

Section 88(9.1) of the Municipal Elections Act, 1996 provides that the Clerk shall make the documents filed under sections 78 and 79.1 available at no charge for viewing by the public on a website on the Internet or in another electronic format as soon as possible after the documents are filed.

Candidate's financial statements

The Town of Grimsby hereby provides this electronic access to candidates' financial filing statements on the Town's website on an "as is", "as available", basis. The Town does not make any express or implied warranties, representations or endorsements with respect to the filings, including but not limited to, warranties as to usefulness, completeness, accuracy and reliability.

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