Achieving What Matters Most:  Town of Grimsby Council Strategic Priorities

Grimsby Town Council is developing their strategic priorities and is reaching out to residents to better understand what matters most. 

Over the past year, Mayor and Councillors have heard from residents on the issues that are most important to Grimsby’s future.  From growing in a way that stays true to Grimsby, to improving accountability and transparency, to traffic safety and celebrating Grimsby’s unique heritage and culture, the Town of Grimsby is developing a plan that responds to these needs and moves Grimsby forward with bold and financially responsible ideas.

Until the end of the year, Council is prioritizing projects, programs, investments and community partnerships based on the following issues:

  1. Responsible Development – How can Grimsby grow while maintaining the small town character that residents value?
  2. Economic Development – How can we support our local businesses and attract new opportunities to Grimsby?
  3. Accountability and Transparency – What is Town Hall doing right?  What could we do better?
  4. Transportation – How can we move safely, easily and affordably within our community?
  5. Heritage and Culture – How do we celebrate and preserve our unique heritage and culture?
  6. Environment – How can we demonstrate leadership when it comes to preserving our natural setting and addressing climate change?
  7. Community Amenities – Where do we need to focus when it comes to maintaining and enhancing our community facilities?

Thank you for your feedback!  The community consultation process for this initiative has now closed and ideas from Grimsby residents will be considered as final strategic priorities are developed later this year.  Please check for updates.

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