Policies, Plans and Reports

Learn more about the various policies, plans and reports at the Town of Grimsby:

  • Accessibility Plans
    Learn about how the Town is ensuring equal access and service to all residents
  • Asset Management
    The Town of Grimsby is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of over $700 million in assets. Learn about our plan to manage them
  • Budget and Financial Reports
    Learn about how and where the Town spends it's capital and operating budget
  • Building Permit Fee Report
    The Town of Grimsby is required to produce an Annual Building Permit Fee Report. This report provides information regarding the building permit fees collected and the costs associated with the administration and enforcement of the Building Code Act.
  • Fire Safety Plans
    Numerous facilities owned by the Town of Grimsby require formal Fire Safety Plans
  • Official Plan
    The Town's official plan governs land use in Grimsby
  • Parks, Recreations and Culture Master Plan
    The Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plan provides a framework for the future of these services in Grimsby

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