Council Code of Conduct

Council Code of Conduct

The Municipal Act, 2001 (the Act) mandates that municipalities establish a code of conduct outlining ethical standards of behaviour for members of Council and its local boards. The Town's first Code of Conduct was established on July 21, 2014. The current version of the Town's Code of Conduct, approved on October 5, 2020, can be found here: By-Law 20-74.

Information on the Town's Code of Conduct complaint protocol can be found here: Council Code of Conduct Complaint Protocol.

Informal and/or Formal Complaint
Step 1 – Complete a Request for Investigation Form/Affidavit

Fill out the Request for Investigation Form/Affidavit and include:

  • Information to support the claim made against the Member, including dates and locations
  • Names and contact information for any witnesses of the event
  • Your name and contact information; anonymous complaints will not be accepted
  • Do not sign the form until you are before you are before the Town Clerk, a Commissioner of Oaths to swear/affirm the affidavit
Step 2 – Bring in-person to the Office of the Town Clerk

Bring the completed form in-person to the Office of the Town Clerk:

160 Livingston Avenue
Grimsby, ON L3M 0J5

Individuals must call the Office of the Town Clerk at 905-946-9634 to make an appointment.

Step 3 – Swear/Affirm the Affidavit to the Town Clerk

When you arrive at the Office of the Town Clerk, you must swear/affirm the affidavit to indicate that the information you provided is accurate and truthful in front of the Town Clerk, a Commissioner of Oaths to swear/affirm the affidavit.

These materials are available in alternate format, upon request.


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