The Town of Grimsby hosts a Civic Recognition Program every 2 years.  The program is generally hosted in the Spring of even calendar years, and nominations become available a few months prior to the date.

Community members can nominate outstanding citizens of the Town of Grimsby for the following achievements and then the nominations are approved by the Parks, Recreation and Culture Committee.  The awards are presented by the Mayor and Members of Council.

Civic Recognition Categories:

Special Achievement Award

  • Citizens who have achieved Provincial, National or International Recognition and, in doing so, have brought honour to the Town of Grimsby.
  • Citizens who have completed special projects, voluntary in nature, that have brought favourable publicity to the community or that have contributed positively to the Grimsby community.
  • Citizens who have achieved a special milestone through community service efforts. (eg.  50th anniversary of a volunteer organization serving local purposes).

Outstanding Volunteer Award

  • Those who in the view of the Recreation Services Committee, have contributed significantly to the quality of life in the community through  their volunteer efforts.

Advertisements for the program will be posted in the newspaper, on social media, and in community buildings.

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