The Town of Grimsby has created a list of the most commonly requested by-laws for your review and download. Don't see what you're looking for? You can request a by-law from our Clerk.


The Town of Grimsby assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of any reproduction derived from the legislative material on this site.

The legislative material on this site has been prepared for convenience of reference only and does not yet have official sanction.

For all purposes of interpreting and applying the law, users should consult the original by-laws.

Commonly Requested By-laws

  • By-law 12-41
    A by-law to establish fire safety performance standards in care facilities
  • By-law 19-34
    A by-law to prohibit and regulate the alteration of property grades, placing or dumping fill and removal of topsoil
  • By-law 05-59
    A by-law regarding fencing of privately owned swimming pools
  • By-law 92-58
    A by-law regulating the use and sale of fireworks and firecrackers
  • By-law 12-36
    A by-law prohibiting the placement of graffiti on property
  • By-law 00-20
    A by-law to approve the incorporation of corporation and subsidiaries under the business corporations act
  • By-law 17-17
     A by-law respecting litter, yard waste and the maintenance of property for the Town of Grimsby 
  • By-law 12-62
    A by-law regarding the maintenance and management of Grimsby Mountain Cemetery
  • By-law 16-82
    A by-law regarding the parking of vehicles and administrative penalties
  • By-law 11-21
    A by-law to address public nuisances
  • By-law 10-06
    A by-law to regulate animal care and control
  • By-law 07-81
    A by-lay to govern the proceedings of council, local boards and committee meetings
  • By-law 15-17
    A by-law regarding property maintenance and standards
  • By-law 09-73
    A by-law regarding the protecting of Grimsby's drinking water from backflows and cross-connections
  • By-law 14-45
    A by-law regarding zoning in the Town of Grimsby

By-law enforcement

The Town of Grimsby employs by-law enforcement officers that investigate complaints and take the appropriate next steps. You can learn more about by-law enforcement as well as how to submit a complaint.


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