2022 Budget 

2022 Budget Presentation 

2022 Consolidated Budget 

Budget basics

The Town of Grimsby's annual budget is made up of both the operating and capital budgets.

Operating budget

The operating budget provides the necessary resources to deliver the day-to-day operations, programs and services to meet the needs of Grimsby's growing community. The operating budget is funded primarily through property taxes, user fees and grants. The annual operating budget provides funding to deliver services such as:

  • Firefighting services
  • Provide water and sanitary services
  • Roads and parks maintenance
  • Recreation, culture and library services
  • Planning, by-law and building services

Capital budget

The capital budget invests in the infrastructure needed to support a growing community while also maintaining existing infrastructure such as roads, water and sewer lines, Town facilities, fleet and equipment. The capital budget is funded through reserves, development charges, debt and grant funding.


Reserves and reserve funds receive annual contributions from the operating budget to assist with long-term financial planning. Maintaining sufficient balances in reserves and reserve funds is a critical component of the Town's long-term financial plan as it strengthens our long-term financial sustainability and helps to minimize fluctuations in tax rates.

Previous budget reports

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