Budget and Financial Reports

Budget 2021 - Helping Grimsby Emerge Stronger

The 2021 Budget is about going beyond recovery to resilience, and helping Grimsby emerge stronger from the global COVID-19 pandemic.

It is a budget that enables continued momentum on Council’s Strategic Priorities, support for our local residents and businesses, and a safe operating environment for our customers and employees, all while maintaining careful line of sight to financial sustainability and taxpayer affordability.

2021 Budget Presentation

2021 Consolidated Budget 

Past Budgets & Financial Reports

The Town of Grimsby is committed to financial transparency through the posting of the annual budgets and audited financial statements.

  • Grimsby annual budgets 
    The Town's annual budget document spells out where and how Grimsby will be spending it's $50 million annual budget
  • Audited financial reports
    Every year the Town's finances are audited by an independent firm and the results are shared here

Broader Public Sector Energy Consumption Reports

 Energy management reports 

  • Review the Town's consumption and management of energy

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