Budget 2020 - Your Input Matters!

Since the municipal election of 2018, residents have told Members of Council and the administration what matters most – strong financial management, responsible development, preservation of our distinct heritage and culture, road safety, protecting our environment, and providing quality amenities for our growing population.

These goals are entrenched in Council’s Strategic Priorities, approved at the end of 2019.

The 2020 Budget is about listening to these goals and providing evidence-based knowledge and research to assist Council as they finalize the Budget and move closer to making priorities a reality.

Highlights from the 2020 Final Consolidated Budget:

  • Strong financial management, with resources to fund existing municipal services remaining at or near the rate of inflation.
  • New investments, including Town of Grimsby contributions to the West Lincoln Memorial Hospital redevelopment.
  • Investments that safeguard the ongoing sustainability of municipal infrastructure.
  • New community programming and public safety investments to accommodate growth in Grimsby.
  • Evidence-based options to advance Council’s strategic priorities.

Quick facts:

  • Grimsby is the most affordable municipality based on household income in comparison to property taxes and wastewater rates in Niagara.
  • Property taxes in Grimsby were 48% below average in 2019 for the local residential property taxes per $100,000 assessment in Niagara.

More information:

2020 Final Budget Presentation 

2020 Proposed Budget Presentation 

2020 Final Consolidated Budget

Contact the Finance Department at (905) 945-9634 if you require a copy of these documents in an accessible format.

The Town of Grimsby is committed to financial transparency through the posting of documents like the budget, audited financial statements and energy management reports.

  • Grimsby annual budgets 
    The Town's annual budget document spells out where and how Grimsby will be spending it's $50 million annual budget


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