2023 Grimsby Museum Exhibition Schedule 

  • ADMISSION BY DONATION - Voluntary donations may be given in support of valuable museum functions such as: caring for museum collections, education programming and community services. 
  • Appointments are not required for visiting the museum galleries.  
  • Appointments are required for research requests and other special requests. 
  • Please note that throughout the year there may be times that we are open, however our exhibitions are not open due to exhibition change over or building maintenance. Please contact us directly if you have any questions about what exhibitions are open today.
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January 1st to March 31st 2023: 'What is it?' Exhibition


Admission by donation 
January 1st to March 31st 

Lots of hands-on artifacts to discover!

An interactive and fun display that challenges visitors to guess what artifacts are. Everything on display is from The Grimsby Museum collections. Great for all ages. 


February 11th to April 21st 2023: 'Lost Liberties — The War Measures Act' Exhibition 

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February 11th to April 21st 2023


Admission by donation


A travelling exhibition developed by the Canadian Museum of History: 


What happens when personal freedoms come into conflict with national security?

Exploring the suspension of civil liberties in Canada during the First World War, the Second World War, and the 1970 October Crisis, Lost Liberties — The War Measures Act sheds new light on the enduring impact of the Act on Canada and its people.

The travelling exhibition examines the internment of Canadians of Ukrainian origin and other nationalities during the First World War, the internment of Italian Canadians and the internment and forced relocation of Japanese Canadians during the Second World War, and the arrest of hundreds of people in Quebec during the 1970 October Crisis.

Lost Liberties probes the crises that drove these tragic events, and features poignant first-hand accounts from the men, women and children who lived through them.


Funded in part by the Government of Canada

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April to October 31st 2023: 'Community Curators' Exhibition

Admission by donation 

A display of various collections from community members of all ages. 

16 unique collections on display! Some of the collections include: Star Wars collectibles, chintzware, spooners, brass figures and much more! 

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June 1st to October 2023: ‘Quilted Memories: Stitched in Time’ Exhibition

Admission by donation

A collection of old and new quilts from the Grimsby Museum and community members. How quilts are made and what they represent. 

quilt posters


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