Community Project Grant Program

Community Project Grant Program (CPGP)

Grimsby's first Community Grant Program is here! The Town of Grimsby recognizes the important role that local community groups, clubs and organizations play in the wellbeing of Grimsby's residents. The CPGP provides funds to qualifying eligible groups to develop and enhance programs to increase local participation. The CPGP is available under the conditions of the Community Project Grant Program Policy and the Community Investment Policy. 

2022 Grant Call:

Maximum Request: $2500

Application deadline: Friday July 15th @ 4:30pm

There is a limited funding pool, eligible applicants will be assessed to the degree that they meet the assessment criteria. Please see the applicant guide for more details.  

Interested? Follow these steps:

  1. Review the 2022 Applicant Guide to determine eligibility 
  2. Develop a plan for an eligible project 
  3. Contact Trevor @ or 905-945-1288 with any questions or for feedback
  4. Submit an application before July 15th @ 4:30pm

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