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old photo of basket factory

Photograph of H.H. Farrell & Sons Ltd. September 22, 1927.


In 1913, Henry Farrell and Arthur Hewson opened the Hewson and Farrell Basket Factory on Elm Street, Grimsby (where Coronation Park and the Lions swimming pool is located today).  Their partnership dissolved in 1921.


Henry Farrell kept the original building on Elm Street and named his company H.H. Farrell and Sons. In 1933 a fire in the storage shed destroyed the entire inventory of baskets.  On March 20, 1952 another fire destroyed the factory. 


Farrell's business was part of the original group of five that made up Canadian wood products. Canadian Wood Products decided not to rebuild the factory.


Note the fruit baskets stacked in the upper right window in this photo.


Basket factories played an important role in the early days of the Niagara Region’s agricultural industry.                      


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