Please note that Grimsby Beach has been seeing very high volumes of visitors.  This park/beach is quite small and has very limited parking.  We are encouraging that people not drive to these locations at this time.

The Town of Grimsby has several community beach and lakefront parks for residents and visitors to enjoy.

Please note:

Our beach and water front areas are not currently designated swimming areas and there is no supervision provided at any of our beachfront areas.  

Beach areas are seeing very high volumes of visitors, we ask that visitors choose another location if the beach is busy and generally avoid peak times (afternoons).

Beach Water Testing

There are currently 3 beachfront parks in Grimsby that have water quality testing completed by the Niagara Region Public Health Unit.  These parks are:

  • Casablanca Beach Park
  • Nelles Lake Beach Park (currently closed due to high water levels)
  • Fifty Point Conservation Area (operated by Hamilton Conservation Authority).  

For information about the testing, or the current status please visit the Niagara Region website.  

Park Use

These spaces are considered park areas.  Please observe the following park rules:

  • parking is only permitted in designated areas
  • alcohol is not permitted
  • open fires of any kind are not permitted
  • these spaces are open during daylight hours only
  • dogs must be kept on a leash
  • smoking is not permitted at the park
During COVID-19:

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