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Town of Grimsby’s response to the Province’s Greenbelt legislative changes


Grimsby, ON (December 4, 2023) – In late 2022, the Province removed land from the Greenbelt as part of its broader push to build 1.5 million homes by 2031, including two parcels of land in Grimsby. Town Staff worked under stringent time restraints with the Provincial facilitator’s office and the potential developers, to discuss plans for these parcels.

In the fall of this year, Ontario Premier Doug Ford, along with Minister Paul Calandra, decided to reverse the pronouncement to open portions of the Greenbelt for development. The Province introduced legislation to that effect and consulted through the Environmental Registry of Ontario (ERO / Bill 36).

In response to the ERO, Town Staff prepared a report which was presented to Council on November 20th, 2023 and formally submitted to the Province. The full report can be found here.

Highlights of the report submitted:

  • The Town is looking to the Province to define a new process for considering Greenbelt lands. We are asking for a detailed, open and accountable process that allows municipalities to satisfy provincial requirements, yet permits us to make requests for amendments where necessary.
  • In recognition of the reversal, the Town is requesting $82,000 to reimburse the Town for staff time, and third-party legal and consulting services.
  • The Town seeks an open and accountable municipal process for reconsidering lands to help properly plan a complete community.

The Province needs to give the Town tools to allow us to properly plan for our future and requires their cooperation and a change in the proposed legislation. The Province will review the comments received through the ERO, and will make a final determination on the legislation. As a result, the Town will follow the legislation as we consider the Official Plan (OP) process and determine ways for our community to grow in a responsible, well thought out way.

Should the Province grant these requests, the Town process would include meaningful public consultation from our residents. It may require an additional study be completed to advance a complete community including residential, commercial, industrial, and community uses. And finally, the Town would be required to follow the Planning Act and follow standard planning practice. 

As outlined in our 2023-2026 Strategic Priorities, Town Council is committed to responsible and progressive growth, by fostering vibrant neighbourhoods while protecting our natural environment.

For more information:

Christina Davidson

Communications Specialist

Town of Grimsby

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