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Hockey/Basketball Nets and Skateboard Ramps on Town Road Allowances


Hockey/Baseketball Nets and Skateboard Ramps on Town Road Allowances

The Town of Grimsby is responsible for the control and maintenance of the Town’s roadways.  We are therefore always mindful of any object (hockey/basketball nets and skateboard ramps) placed along the municipal road edge that could possibly cause an incident or accident involving pedestrians and/or vehicles.

The Town does not encourage or condone sports or games being played on the roadway (from the point of view this could lead to a child/vehicle incident).

Although we do not give permission to place basketball/hockey nets and skateboard ramps on our road allowances, we recognize this does occur throughout the Town.

Therefore, in an effort to reduce/eliminate the potential for a basketball/hockey net or skateboard ramp to cause an incident on Town roadways, we request that any unattended nets and ramps (not being used immediately) be placed off the road and adjacent areas.

During the winter season, basketball/hockey nets and skateboard ramps should be placed on private property to avoid any potential damage by our winter operations.

If your street has a curb and gutter, we ask all unattended basketball/hockey nets or skateboard ramps be pulled back far enough so the front portion of the rim/frame is at least 60 cm (24”) behind the back portion of the curb.  For areas with granular or grassed shoulders/ditches, please ensure a minimum of 1.5 metres (5 ft.) back from the edge of the road surface.

Please note the Town is not responsible for any damage to basketball/hockey nets or skateboard ramps placed within the Town’s road allowances.  Town staff will remove any hockey/basketball nets and skateboard ramps deemed to be persistently left on the road allowance.

Your efforts to keep unattended basketball/hockey nets and skateboard ramps off the Town’s roadways are appreciated and your co-operation will help us to efficiently and safely maintain our road system.



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