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Councils of the Township of West Lincoln, Town of Lincoln, and Town of Grimsby Hold Special Meeting

The Councils of the Township of West Lincoln, Town of Lincoln, and Town of Grimsby held a Joint Special Meeting on August 9, 2023. The purpose of the meeting was to engage in a collaborative and proactive discussion concerning the potential future governance structure in the West Niagara Region.  
The joint special meeting, held at the West Niagara Agricultural Centre & Fairgrounds, took place as a closed session, exclusively focusing on municipal council discussions of governance matters in the region. Due to the sensitive nature of the subjects discussed, the session was not recorded and is not available to the public. This meeting marks the first time that the three Councils of the Township of West Lincoln, Town of Lincoln, and Town of Grimsby have joined forces in a meeting of this nature. This unified approach emphasizes the dedication of the three municipalities to work together towards a common goal.
The driving force behind this gathering originates from the ongoing governance structure review initiated by the Province of Ontario. In line with the statements released by the Province, the three municipalities have united to explore opportunities to collaborate on potential solutions that would best serve the interests of their respective communities, if changes to the current governance structure of Niagara Region were to be required at a future date.
"It is a crucial occasion for our three municipalities to come together in the spirit of collaboration and shared purpose," stated Mayor Sandra Easton of the Town of Lincoln. "Our aim is to pool our resources and knowledge, align our visions, and drive positive change for the betterment of our residents."
Mayor Cheryl Ganann of the Township of West Lincoln added, "Our municipalities collaborate frequently on matters of mutual concern. This meeting is another great example of our dedication to finding innovative and effective ways to address governance matters that have the potential to seriously impact all of our residents, businesses and visitors."
Similarly, Mayor Jeff Jordan of the Town of Grimsby stated, "This meeting marks a significant step in building stronger relationships among our municipalities. We are eager to capitalize on this opportunity to work in harmony and harness our collective potential."
As the three councils embark on this joint endeavor, they envision fostering continued dialogue and collaboration to pave their unique path in shaping their collective destinies in the Niagara Region. Further discussions will be held as more information becomes available from the Province of Ontario regarding the governance structure in the Niagara Region.

For media inquiries, please contact:
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Communications Specialist
Township of West Lincoln
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