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Casablanca Waterfront Park Construction to begin July 10th

NOTICE TO RESIDENTS - Casablanca Waterfront Park Construction

The Town of Grimsby is excited to proceed with the Casablanca Waterfront Park development. Since the beginning of the project, there has been significant interest in this area. The connectivity and accessibility along the waterfront are a top priority for the Casablanca neighbourhood. The Casablanca Waterfront Project will span the waterfront area from Hunter Road to the Water Treatment plant (with the easterly development area to be completed later).

The work for this contract comprises park construction, including but not limited to grading, asphalt paving, concrete work, sub-drainage, armour stone retaining walls, playgrounds, tree planting, signage, beach sand area, sodding, installation of naturalization areas, installation of washroom building, and site furniture installations (including benches and shade structures). The work is being carried out by a professional landscape contractor and guided by a landscape architecture design firm. 

The improvements will be completed in several phases to maintain community access to the waterfront pathway as much as possible throughout the process. The Town's contractor will begin work as early as the week of July 10th, 2023, in the park's east end. In the park's central area, the work is scheduled to begin at the end of July. In the park's west end, the anticipated construction start time is the end of August. The completion target for all major construction works is in the winter of 2023/2024, with site restoration and plantings occurring when weather permits in the spring of 2024.   

We realize this project will be inconvenient, and the team will do their best to minimize impacts on local residents. We look forward to the next steps and encourage you to follow along for progress updates! The park's improvements will benefit the community for years to come and enhance the waterfront experience. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience. Don't hesitate to contact the team with any questions or concerns.

For questions or concerns, contact the Community Services Department at 905-945-1288 or


Where can I find more information on the project?

How long of a period will the park not be accessible to the public?

  • The project will be mostly completed over a year, maintaining park access where possible throughout —starting in July 2023 and wrapping up construction in July 2024. The contractor's target is to complete all major construction works in the winter to allow the pathway to be open for foot traffic once substantially complete. The site restoration/plantings will occur in the Spring of 2024, and once they have the chance to establish we will open the park entirely to the public.

Will access to homes be maintained?

  • There may be intermittent traffic delays on the roads and intersections, but it is unlikely.

Will trees be removed as part of the construction project?

  • This project may require isolated tree removal. The trees will only be removed if deemed necessary. Trees scheduled for removal will be marked in advance of the removal.

Will there be any road closures during the period of construction?

  • Any road closures or impacts will be communicated in advance but are not anticipated. Please be patient during these times when access is not readily available. Advanced notices will be given if vehicles need to be moved or parked elsewhere temporarily.

How can residents help with ensuring safety around the construction zones?

  • This is the most critical aspect of the project. Please work with us to respect all signs and construction zones and drive prudently. Avoid contact with all working zones to minimize construction delays.

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