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2023 Watermain Rehabilitation Project

August 15, 2023

                                                              2023 Watermain Rehabilitation Project 

This notice is to advise residents and businesses that Peters Construction Group will be starting underground construction works on the streets listed below. The anticipated construction start dates are listed here but could be subject to change due to weather, construction progress, etc.

Governors Road from Main Street East to Dorchester Drive.
Dorchester Drive from  Nelles Road South to Hedge Lawn Drive.

The project will include replacing existing cast iron watermain with new PVC (plastic) watermain, replacing all associated components (fire hydrants, valves, etc.), replacing all water service pipes within the municipal roadway (from the watermain to the property line) with new plastic services, and restoring the affected areas (road, boulevards, etc.) after the work has been completed.

OZA Inspections Ltd., a pre-construction survey company, has been hired by Peters Construction Group., to conduct internal and external house inspections, to establish the pre-construction condition of your home.

The purpose of this inspection is to determine and document the extent of any cracking or other damage (if any) that exists prior to the commencement of construction. This information can then be used to determine the extent of the Contractor’s responsibility in the unlikely event that damages to your property occur during construction.

These representatives will have identification with them.

During the course of the project, streets may be reduced to a single lane of traffic, which will be controlled through signage and the contractor’s personnel. Given the nature of the work, residents should anticipate dirty/dusty roads during construction. There may also be intermittent restrictions to your driveway and temporary disruption of your water supply; where possible, these will be communicated to the affected residents in advance.

We would ask that any residents who have underground irrigation piping, sprinkler heads, sump lines, eaves trough drains which may be in the vicinity of the road allowance (roughly in line with the location of your water shut-off) be marked and brought to the attention of the Town of Grimsby in advance. This will help the contractor minimize damage to the system during construction.

The project is scheduled to commence September 5, 2023. (weather permitting)

Should you have any further questions, please contact,
Town of Grimsby:

Project Representative:                               Project Manager:                                   After-Hours Contact:
Zachary Hoover                                               Spencer Pierce. C. Tech                          Operations/Call Answer Service
Engineering Technologist                               Supervisor, Capital Engineering            (905)945-9201                             
905)945-9634 ext. 2112                              (905)945-9634 ext. 2106

Contract Administrator                                Contractor                         
Kerry T. Howe Engineering Limited               Peters Construction Group
Project Manager                                               Foreman:                                    
Lauren Durant                                                  Jordan Peters
(905)688-6550 ext. 229                                (905)658-4502                               
                                                                          Project Manager:
                                                                          Emmanuel Furlonge

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Town of Grimsby
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Grimsby ON, L3M 0J5
Phone: 905-945-9634
Fax: 905-945-5010

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