Committee and Board Recruitment


Active Grimsby Advisory Committee
 Committee composition 
  • The Active Grimsby Advisory Committee is comprised of one Councillor, and a minimum of 7 citizen Lay Member appointments (with a maximum of 20 Lay Member appointments) 
  • The term for Lay Members begins December 1, 2018 and ends December 2022, or once the appointments are approved by Council
  • Meetings will be held during weekday evenings at a regular date and time that agreeable to the majority. 
  • Attendance at some related special events will be encouraged 
  • The Director of Parks, Recreation and Culture Department is responsible for this committee 
  • A chair will be selected for the Committee from the volunteer membership
Committee objectives
  1. To make recommendations to the Town of Grimsby for improvements to infrastructure and programs that enhance experiences with trails, hiking, biking, cycling and active transportation uses.
  2. To make recommendations and support opportunities for programming and events that promote active transportation and being active outdoors. 
Potential projects 
  • Promote walking clubs and walking events in the community
  • Complete a bike rack and bike friendly locations inventory
  • Create bike friendly areas for special events and key community locations
  • Seek grant funding for trails and hiking opportunities
  • Support walk to school programs
  • Promote existing trails and pathways for resident awareness
  • Assist with trail planning
  • Consider new ways to encourage active living in Grimsby
Ideal committee members:

Some of the ideal characteristics of a committee member will be: 

  •  Special knowledge in the areas of hiking, biking, and outdoor active living 
  •  Volunteers who are familiar with trail systems 
  •  Grant writing experience 
  •  A representation of mixed ages from youth to young families to seniors 
  •  Active volunteers who will participate in events and activities 


Committee of Adjustment

As a member of a Committee of Adjustment, you will participate in Community Planning, dealing with Minor Variance and Consent Applications under the jurisdiction of the Ontario Planning Act. You represent the Town of Grimsby in a professional, mindful matter at all times. It is your role to represent the interests of the community.

Grimsby Economic Development Committee

The mandate of the Grimsby Economic Development Advisory Committee is to advise and make recommendations to Council on matters that pertain to Economic Develop-ment within the Town of Grimsby.


There are up to nine members of the Grimsby Economic Development Advisory Committee and members are appointed by Council. 


The Committee meets the last Wednes-day of each month from noon to 2 p.m. A light lunch is provided. The Committee reports to the Planning & Development Committee. The Planning Department for the Town of Grimsby acts as the Committee’s liaison with Town Council.

Grimsby Public Art Gallery Advisory Board

To be a public, non‑profit gallery serving the Town of Grimsby and surrounding area. To be dedicated to the exhibition, preservation, encouragement, and collection of visual art of professional standard. To provide lectures, seminars, workshops, tours and other forms of public education relating to visual art. 

Forging and maintaining connections with our community is of primary importance and we do this through our careful selection and presentation of exhibitions and programs. We preserve art by our responsible care of the permanent collection. We encourage visual art by maintaining a gallery that is open and welcoming to all visitors and by offering a range of thought provoking art and related programs.

General Board Information 

The Grimsby Public Art Gallery (GPAG) is governed by a 9 member Advisory Board. The Board includes one member of Town Council and eight citizen appointees, one of whom is also a member of and represents the Gallery’s Volunteer Committee. 

The Grimsby Public Art Gallery Advisory Board exists to provide recommendations to Council that will ensure the viability and sustained growth of the Art Gallery. The Board is authorized to: 

  •  Oversee and continue development of policies related to the Collection and exhibitions 
  •  Initiate and ensure fund raising efforts are maintained to sustain & enhance the Gallery 
  •  Make application for subsidies and grants that ensure the viability of the Gallery 
  •  Approve annual budget, developed by the Director, for presentation to Council 
  •  Undertake such matters as the Board deems necessary to enhance the Gallery  
Meeting Information 
  •  10 – 12 times per year (summer meetings called at the pleasure of the Chair) 
  •  Second Thursday of each month, starting at 7 p.m. 
  •  Meetings are held at the Gallery in the Studio/meeting room 

Board members are expected to actively promote and support GPAG by attending and assisting at openings and special events whenever possible, chairing/serving on at least one of the Board committees, and working with the volunteers on some Volunteer Committee run events.  

Committees of the Advisory Board 
  • Community Engagement – membership development and community events 
  • Collections Management – Art acquisition and care of the Collection 
  • Development – Sponsorship, foundations, fundraising 
  • Policy and Governance – policy review and updates, strategic planning
  • Education & Programming – supporting development and delivery of educational and public programming. 
Town of Grimsby Museum 

A seven member Advisory Board supports the Grimsby Museum. The Board includes one member of Town Council and seven citizen appointees. 

The Grimsby Museum Board exists to ensure the sustainability and continued growth of the Grimsby Museum. 

The Museum Board is oversees: 


  • Community Engagement – membership development and community events 
  • Collections Management – Art acquisition and care of the Collection 
  • Development – Sponsorship, foundations, fundraising 
  • Policy and Governance – policy review and updates, strategic planning
  • Education & Programming – supporting development and delivery of educational and public programming.  
Meeting details

The museum meeting 10 – 12 times per year (summer meetings called at the pleasure of the Chair). Meetings take place the first Wednesday of every month at 7 p.m. Meetings are held in the multi-purpose room at the Museum/ 

Board members are expected to actively promote and support the Grimsby Museum by attending and assisting at openings and special events whenever possible. They are also expected to serve on a sub-committee of the board.

Vision Statement

To be a vibrant and respected community museum celebrat-ing the unique aspects of the heritage of Grimsby  

Mission Statement 

The Grimsby Museum exists to engage and share with the community an appreciation of Grimsby’s heritage by collecting, preserving, displaying and interpreting historical artefacts and information.


Heritage Grimsby Advisory Committee

Appointed by Council, the Heritage Grimsby Advisory Committee is a group of volunteers that provides Council with advice on identifying, conserving and promoting heritage within the Town of Grimsby. The Committee provides consultation under the Ontario Heritage Act with regard to: property and dis-trict designation (Part IV and Part V designations); the Town Heritage Register; development applications involving heritage resources; and establishing easements to protect heritage items.

Mission Statement 

The mission of the Heritage Grimsby Advi-sory Committee is to advise and assist Council to ensure that appropriate cultural heritage conservation practices are fol-lowed throughout the Town of Grimsby, in accordance with the Ontario Heritage Act, the Ontario Planning Act and the Town of Grimsby Official Plan and associated by-laws, for the long-term benefit of the com-munity. This mission shall be accomplished through the provision of advice and recom-mendations on cultural heritage conserva-tion to Council, municipal staff and to the community.

Additional Duties 

In addition to acting as an advisory body for Council, the Committee generates community involvement to promote local heritage conserva-tion. Some of the ways that the Committee actively involves the community are: supporting public education about local heritage; re-viewing proposed alterations of designated properties, including Façade Improvement Program ap-plications, and recognizing individu-als within the community who pro-mote and protect our local herit-age.


The Heritage Grimsby Advisory Committee meets on the first Tuesday of each month from 6-9 p.m. in the Lakeside Room at Town Hall.

Joint Accessibility Advisory Committee (JAAC)
Role of the JAAC 

Accessibility Advisory Committees are legislated to advise and assist municipalities in identifying, removing and preventing barriers

Who is the JAAC 

In 2003, six municipalities came together to create the Joint Accessibility Advisory Committee. The committee includes: 

  •  The Town of Grimsby 
  •  The Town of Lincoln 
  •  The Township of West Lincoln 
  •  The Town of Pelham 
  •  The City of Thorold 
  •  The Town of Niagara-on-the Lake 
Activities of the JAAC 
  • Provides advice and recommendations on matters related to The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA) 
  • Collaborates with the Municipality in cultivating inclusion and the continual improvement of access to Municipal facilities, programs and services
  • Reviews site plans including new-builds, renovations or retrofits
  • Initiates education programs and events
  • Manages the We Are Accessible campaign; an Accessibility Award in recogni-tion of municipal, public and private sector efforts to 
Planning and Development Committee

The Planning & Development Committee is an advisory committee to Council primarily for matters under the authority of the Planning Act and Heritage Act for the Province of Ontario. This authority gives municipalities the power to pre-pare Official Plans, Zoning By-laws, 

Community Improvement Plans and authorize the division of land through severances and plans of subdivision. It also gives authority for Committee’s of Adjustment. 

Provincial Plans & Policies 

The Provincial Policy Statement and the Greenbelt Plan play an im-portant role in the decision making process of Council. The Plans identify targets and restrict certain areas for development and intensification. 

In addition to that a large portion of Grimsby falls under the jurisdic-tion of the Niagara Escarpment Plan and the Town’s Zoning By-law does not apply to this area. The “Places to Grow” policy identifies where and how development is permitted and includes population forecasts for the Region. 

Mandate of the Planning & Development Committee 

The Committee’s responsibility is to make recommendations to Council based on Provincial Planning Guidelines, the Town’s Official Plan and the Town’s Zoning By-law. 

Official Plan 

The Official Plan for the Town of Grimsby was adopted in 2012. 

The purpose of the Official Plan is to estab-lish goals and guidelines 

for future development within the Town. 

Zoning By-law 

The Town of Grimsby adopted a new zoning by-law for the Town in May 2014. This re-ceived subsequent approval from the Ontar-io Municipal Board. The purpose of the Town’s zoning By-law is to impose regula-tions that implement the Official Plan for the Town of Grimsby.

Other Committees that Report to the Planning & Development Committee include: 

  •  Grimsby Economic Development Committee (GEDAC) 
  •  Heritage Grimsby Advisory Committee (HGAC) 
  •  Property Standards Committee 
Meeting details 

The Planning Committee meets the second Tuesday of each month. As the Committee deals with Statutory timelines it is important that a quorum is present at each meeting.

Grimsby Public Library Board
Meeting details

Time: 6:30 p.m. 

When: 2nd Wednesday of each month Except July and August 

Where: Grimsby Public Library and Art Gallery Studio/Meeting Room

Time commitement 

A minimum time commitment of 6-8 hours per month is typically required for regular meeting preparation and attendance. Library Trustees are also urged to participate in standing and/or ad hoc committees of the Board and are encouraged to act as repre-sentatives of the Board within the greater library community.

Membership Requirements

To be a member of the Grimsby Public Library Board an applicant must be: 

  •  A Canadian citizen 
  •  At least 18 years of age 
  •  A resident of Grimsby 
  •  Not employed by the Library or the Town of Grimsby
Role of the Library Board 

The GPL Board operates under the authority of the Ontario Public Libraries Act (R.S.O. 1990, chapter P.44) and is comprised of ten Trustees including two representatives of Town Council. The Board is responsible for: 

  • Developing and reviewing Library policies
  • Ensuring that the Library is adequately funded to meet the evolving demand for Library materials, services and programs
  • Advocating on behalf of the Library within the community and to Town Council
  • Setting organizational goals and objectives through the creation of the Library’s Strategic Plan
  • The recruitment and annual performance appraisal of the CEO/Chief Librarian
Core Competencies  

To be a successful member of the board, an applicants should have: 

  • Leadership and/or governance experience Business acumen, marketing, fundraising, finance, event planning, technology, community engagement, public relations, and/or and human resources experience 
  • Experience networking in various community environments including business/corporate, education, public and not-for-profit sectors 
  • Knowledge of municipal affairs and experience advocating for funding and political support 
  • The ability to seek out and listen to input from all stakeholders 
  • The ability to approach people and situations with an open mind 
  • The ability to participate in discussion to achieve positive results 
  • Availability to attend workshops, meetings or other events in order to share knowledge in support of library initiatives
Key trustee qualities 
  • Interested in the future success of our community and prepared to represent its interests and concerns 
  • Enthusiastic about working with other board members and the Chief Executive Officer/Chief Librarian in a team process designed to provide programs and services that meet the needs of our community 
  • Available to attend board and committee meetings and prepared to contribute to the discussions 
  • Open to learning about Library programs and services that will give your community an appropriate level of access to information and enrichment 
  • Willing to learn about public library issues and concerns at the provincial and national levels 
Parks, Recreation and Culture Committee

The Parks, Recreation and Culture Committee is responsible, through Council, for the coordination of community recreation, facility and culture services. 

The Committee recommends policies and procedures, user fees/charges and parks and facility planning. The committee also recommends special events and programming that enhances the quality of life in the community.

Committee Composition

The Recreation Services Committee is comprised of four (4) Town of Grimsby Aldermen and four (4) Lay Members for a four year term 

 The term for Lay Members begins Dec. 1, 2018 and ends December 2022, or once the appointments are approved by Council 

Meeting details

Meetings are held the last Tuesday of the each month at 4:30 p.m. in the Peach King Centre Board Room. *this may be subject to change 

Attendance at some related special events will be encouraged.


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