Civil Marriage Ceremony

The Town of Grimsby is now pleased to perform civil marriage ceremonies in the Council Chambers at Town Hall. Ceremonies will be conducted by designates of the Town Clerk, on an appointment only basis. 

Book a Civil Marriage Ceremony

Please email or call us at 905-945-9634 to book a ceremony. We recommend booking the ceremony at least two weeks in advance. 

You can book a ceremony up to six months in advance with full payment at time of booking.


If you would like to book a ceremony at Town Hall, the cost is $318.49 including HST. This must be paid at time of booking to secure the date and time.

Ceremony Times

Civil ceremonies are by appointment only and these appointments are limited in availability. They can be performed on select days from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to book?
  • Valid Ontario marriage licence
  • Full payment at time of booking
  • 2 witnesses (over the age of 14)
Where are the ceremonies being held?

Ceremonies are being held in the Council Chambers of Town Hall at 160 Livingston Avenue, Grimsby. 

Ceremonies can be held outdoors at Town Hall, weather permitting. Please note that the Town does not supply chairs for outdoor ceremonies. Speak with your officiant for further details.

Can guests attend?
Yes they can. At this time you are limited to 10 people total, including the couple getting married and their two witnesses.
Can we take pictures and video?
Yes, you can take pictures and video throughout the ceremony. 
Can we bring decor?

Small items such as a bouquet or corsage are permitted. 

Alcohol, candles, confetti, rice, incense and other large decor items are not permitted. 

How do I get a marriage licence?
They are obtained by appointment only, Monday to Friday at Town Hall. Learn how to apply for a marriage licence.
Do I have to live in Grimsby to get married there?
No, as long as you have a valid Ontario marriage licence, we can perform your ceremony.

Can we have an officiant conduct our ceremony off site or after hours?

At this time, the Town of Grimsby is not performing off site or after hours ceremonies. 

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