Finance forms and applications

Online and print-ready PDF forms

The following forms can be submitted online, or completed in hardcopy and submitted to Town Hall. These materials are available in alternate format, upon request.

Purchase a tax certificate

This online submission form is for law firms only. The fee of $50 will be charged as well as service fee.   A service fee of 2.50% of the amount paid is levied by Paymentus for each transaction. Please note, the Town of Grimsby does not receive any part of the service fee.

Property owners may request a tax certificate or further information for their personal property through the tax department.

  • Application to purchase a tax certificate: Online

Property taxes

  • Application for preauthorized payment of property taxes: Online
  • Cancellation of preauthorized payment of property taxes: Online
  • Change of preauthorized payment of property taxes: Online

Water billing 

Downloadable PDF forms

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