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Spring 2019

Monday, March 18

  • Iain Reid / Foe
  • Anna Porter / In Other Words
  • Winery: Calamus Estate Winery

Monday, April 15

  • Andrew Pyper / The Homecoming
  • Shelley Wood / The Quintland Sister
  • Winery: Sue-Ann Staff Estate Winery

Wednesday, May 1

  • Laurie Petrou In Conversation with Esi Edugyan
  • Winery: Bush Pilot Brewing Company

Fall 2018

Monday, September 24

  • Wayne Grady / Up From Freedom
  • Nathan Ripley / Find You in the Dark
  • Winery: Malivoire Wines

Monday, October 22

  • Eden Robinson / Trickster Drift
  • Joanna Goodman / Home for Unwanted Girls
  • Winery: Cave Spring Cellars

Monday, November 12

  • Dave Williams / Defying Limits
  • Beverley McLachlin / Full Disclosure
  • Winery: Trius Winery

At the Library events

Friday, December 7

  • Debbie Travis / Design Your Next Chapter
  • Winery: Pillitteri Estates Winery


Regular season

September 2017

Wayne Johnston / First Snow, Last Light

Michael Redhill / Bellevue Square

Winery: Rosewood Estates Winery

October 2017

Linda Spalding / A Reckoning

Glenn Dixon / Juliet's Answer

Winery: Cave Spring Cellars

November 2017

Linden MacIntyre / The Only Café

Alison Pick / Strangers with the Same Dream

Winery: Andrew Peller Limited

January 2018

Claire Cameron / The Last Neanderthal

Elan Mastai / All Our Wrong Todays

Winery: Calamus Estate Winery

February 2018

Peter Robinson / Sleeping in the Ground

Giles Blunt / Black Fly Season

Winery: Sue-Ann Staff Estate Winery

April 2018

Laurie Petrou / Sister of Mine

Jennifer Robson / Goodnight from London

Craft brewery: Bush Pilot Brewing Company

At the Library events

Friday, December 8, 2017

Maureen Jennings / Let Darkness Bury the Dead

Winery: Malivoire Wine Company

Friday, June 1, 2018

Paula McLain / Love and Ruin

Katherine Ashenburg / Sofie and Cecilia

Winery: Peller Estates


Regular season

September 2016

Emma Donoghue / The Wonder

Steven Price / By Gaslight


October 2016

Gail Anderson-Dargatz / The Spawning Grounds

Kevin Patterson / News from the Red Desert


November 2016

Ami McKay / The Witches of New York

Craig Davidson / Precious Cargo


January 2017

William Thomas / Zippy Chippy

Cordelia Strube / On the Shores of Darkness, There is Light


February 2017

Andrew Westoll / The Jungle South of the Mountain

Amy Stuart / Still Mine


March 2017

Emily Schultz / Men Walking on Water

Lynne Kutsukake / The Translation of Love

At the Library events

Friday, December 9, 2016

Anna Olson / Bake with Anna Olson

Winery: Trius Winery at Hillebrand

Friday, May 5, 2017

Tim Cook / Vimy: The Battle and the Legend

Winery: Wayne Gretsky Winery


Regular season

September 2015

Paula McLain / Circling the Sun

Elizabeth Hay / His Whole Life

October 2015

Carrie Snyder / Girl Runner

Peter Kavanagh / The Man Who Learned to Walk Three Times

November 2015

Nino Ricci / Sleep

Camilla Gibb / This is Happy

January 2016

Helen Humphreys / The Evening Chorus

Terry Fallis / Poles Apart

February 2016

Robert Hough / The Man Who Saved Henry Morgan

Kevin Newman / All Out

March 2016

Ian Brown / Sixty: A Diary of My Sixtieth Year

Katherine Govier / The Three Sisters Hotel

At the Library events

Friday, April 1, 2016

Yann Martel / The High Mountains of Portugal


September 2014

Kim Thuy / Man

Shani Mootoo / Moving Forwards Sideways Like a Crab

October 2014

Linwood Barclay / No Safe House

Miriam Toews / All My Puny Sorrows

November 2014

Ann-Marie MacDonald / Adult Onset

Craig Davidson / Cataract City

January 2015

Michael Winter / Into the Blizzard

Alison Pick / Between Gods

February 2015

Christine Fischer Guy / The Umbrella Mender

Linden MacIntyre / Punishment

March 2015

Alison Wearing / Confessions of Fairy's Daughter

Krista Foss / Smoke River


September 2013

Mary Swan / My Ghosts

Anthony De Sa / Kicking the Sky

October 2013

Nancy Richler / The Imposter Bride

Don Gillmour / Mount Pleasant

November 2013

Mary Lawson / Road Ends

Wayne Johnston / Son of A Certain Woman

January 2014

Wayne Grady / Emancipation Day

Robert McGill / Once We Had A Country

February 2014

Iain Reid / The Truth About Luck

Gina Buonoaguaro and Janice Kirk / The Wolves of St. Peter's

April 2014

Dennis Bock / Going Home Again

Claire Cameron / The Bear



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