You can get a free Grimsby Public Library card with full borrowing privileges if you live or own property in Grimsby. People of all ages are eligible; however, those age 12 and under require a parent or guardian to sign up.

Get a card

You can sign up for a card at the library during open hours, or start the process anytime through online registration. You will need one of the following identification (ID) options to register for a library membership

Option 1

  • Bring one piece of ID with name and address (driver's license, government ID card)

Option 2

  • Bring one official piece of ID including your name (passport, student card, etc.); and
  • Bring proof of address including your name (mail, a bill, etc.)
Library card rules

With your Grimsby Public Library card, you are agreeing to:

  • Care for all of the materials you borrow;
  • Pay outstanding fines and fees;
  • Take responsibility and pay for all items checked out to you that are lost or damaged;
  • Notify us if your card is lost or stolen;
  • Update us with changes to your name, address, or phone number; and
  • Confirm your address and phone number every two years.

Replacing and reporting a lost Library card

The replacement fee for a lost card is $2. Please bring your ID to the Library to replace your card. Report a missing card immediately to avoid stolen cards from being used.

How to apply

With your membership, you can get access to thousands of items in our physical collections and through our online library. You can apply for a Library card in person or online.

  1. Bring one of the ID options listed above with you to the Library;
  2. Ask a staff member to register you for a new card. Based on the information listed on your ID; they will determine your membership type and create your account.
  3. Once complete, staff will give you your new Library card. You may check materials out and use the online library immediately after registration is complete.

Apply online

  1. Go to the login page of the Library's catalogue;
  2. Click on the link that says "click or tap here to register now";
  3. Follow the instructions to complete the online registration process;
  4. At your convenience, bring one of the ID options listed above to the Library; and
  5. A staff member will verify the information in your account and issue you with your new library card.

Registering children under 12

Children of any age can get a Library card. All children under 12 must have parental or guardian consent and home address verification when registering for a card. A parent or guardian must sign the back of the child's card.

Other types of library memberships

If you are not a Grimsby resident, or represent an organization, you may be eligible to apply for one of the following membership types:

 Corporate membership

Schools, daycares or businesses in Grimsby can get a corporate membership at the Library to borrow materials for their organization. An executive or administrator who is authorized to accept financial responsibility for the organization must complete a corporate membership application. The signatory or a representative can pick up the application form at the library. If a representative of the signatory is completing the registration and the signatory is not present, the completed application form will be verified over the telephone or in person with the signatory, and the card will be given or mailed to them.

Rules for corporate memberships

  • The school, daycare or business is responsible for all lost or damaged material
  • Several people within the organization may use the Library card, but the signatory has overall responsibility for it
  • Regular borrowing limits, fines and fees apply
  • The Library card must be in-hand to borrow materials.

How to apply

Apply for a Corporate Library Card

Fill out a corporate membership application and wait for a library staff member to contact you.

 Hamilton card membership

Members of the Hamilton Public Library can register their Library cards at the Grimsby Public Library for limited borrowing privileges. Members of the Grimsby Public Library can also register their Library cards at Hamilton Public Library for the same privileges.

Borrowing privileges for Hamilton

Hamilton borrowers can have up to 8 items at a time and 2 holds.

How to apply

Bring your Hamilton Public Library card and one of the ID options above to registration.

 Non-resident membership

You can purchase a non-resident membership if you live outside of Grimsby. These memberships cost $40 a year and give you full borrowing privileges for 365 days after the membership is purchased

How to apply

Bring payment of $40 and one of the ID options above to registration.

 Work/study membership

People who do not live in Grimsby, but work or go to school in town, can have a free Library card for the duration of their employment or enrollment. Please inform us when you no longer work or go to school in Grimsby.

How to apply

Bring proof of employment or enrollment (pay stub, report card, student card, etc.) and one of the ID options above to registration.



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