As per by-law 76-38, the discharge of a firearm, gun or air-gun of any class or type is not allowed in the Town of Grimsby. This includes the use of a firearm for the purposes of hunting.


Under the by-law, firearms can be discharged only under the following conditions:

By police officers

Police officers my discharge a firearm in the course of executing his or her normal duties.

To practice target shooting at a gun club

Residents may use a firearm for the purposes of target, skeet or trap shooting provided is happens at a properly equipped gun club or range

For humane reasons

Residents may use a firearm to end the life of a farm or domestic animal for humane reasons (injury, illness, etc.).

To manage an pest or infestation on your property

Residents, or a hired contractor/agent, may use a firearm to manage an infestation problem, such as from rodents, rabbits, coyote or pestiferous birds. The following rules apply:

  • The firearm must not be discharged within 137 metres (150 yards) of any building
  • A shotgun must be used and cannot use a shot larger than #2 gauge
  • An agent/contractor must have written permission from the owner of the property

For the purposes of this by-law, pheasants, geese, ducks and other game birds are not considered pestiferous.


Any person convicted of the unlawful discharge of a firearm in the Town of Grimsby may face of fine of up to $300 for each offence.

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