The Grimsby Public Library, Grimsby Museum, Grimsby Public Art Gallery and the Town of Grimsby have teamed up to bring you #grimsbyquest, a series of fun challenges to do at home while social distancing.

#grimsbyquest Challenges
  1. Find Grimsby on Google Earth
    Explore Grimsby from above using Google Earth! Fine your favourite park, your school or your house!
  2. Write a short story set in Grimsby, Ontario
    Use your hometown of Grimsby Ontario as inspiration to write your very own short story. Come up with a main character (you?) and see what adventures they get up to on the Bruce Trail, by the lake or downtown Grimsby! Here are some tips on writing:

  3. Download an e-book from the Grimsby Library
    You don’t have to leave the house to get a good library book. Just download the @cloudLibrary or @hoopla app on your phone, tablet or computer to get access to thousands of free e-books from the Grimsby Library. Go to their online library page to explore these and other digital content:

  4. Research Grimsby’s history online
    Learn about your hometown by researching the resources made available by the Grimsby Public Library, Museum and @Grimsby Historical Society. Visit the Grimsby Newspaper Index for digitized newspapers from 1885 – 1949, the Grimsby Chautauqua Portal for historic photos, postcards, and documents related to the history of Grimsby Beach or just visit our website for more resources! Go to, or

  5. Buddy read a book and discuss online
    Pick a friend and a good book and read it together! Keep tabs on each other using chats or social media while you’re reading to see what characters, plot points and themes you are enjoying (or not) and then meet up online or over text to discuss the book when you’re done! Get books from the Grimsby Library’s online library:

  6. Create Easter Egg art with stones from your garden
    Go on a hunt in your backyard for stones, and use them to brighten up your garden by creating Easter egg art. The GPAG found a great tutorial to try featuring cute Easter chicks:

  7. Visit the Grimsby Museum’s Virtual mini-exhibitions on Facebook
    Visit the Grimsby Museum’s facebook page and go to their photo albums to take a virtual tour of historical Grimsby artifacts.

  8. Learn a new Yoga pose and master it
    Look up a fun yoga pose online and master it! Here are some fun ones to try:

  9. Learn how to spin a basketball on your finger tip
    It’s time to master those skills that will really impress your friends! Learn how to spin a basketball on your finger, and see how long you can keep it going! Here’s a tutorial to learn how:

  10. Play hopscotch on your driveway
    Create the ultimate hopscotch course on your front driveway! How long or complex can you make it? Here are the basic rules with some variations:

  11. Create a new cartoon character
    Sick of watching the same cartoon episodes over and over? Why not create your own? Create your own characters or draw your favourites going on new adventures. Check out this drawing tutorial for Pikachu for inspiration:

  12. Create cardboard zoo creatures
    Create 3D recreations of your favourite zoo animals using cardboard or other materials you find around the house. Here’s a fun tutorial on how you can create them with toilet or paper towel rolls:

  13. Learn a phrase in a new language
    Learn a few new phrases in a different language! You can use Mango Languages for free from the @Grimsby Library, just download the app. Check out Mango Languages on their website here:



When you complete a #grimsbyquest prompt, post about it on social media to share what you learned or created, and tag us!



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