Grimsby Public Library Reading Challenge 2022 with graphic design of book Welcome to the Grimsby Public Library's 2022 Reading Challenge! Designed to help you read more, get through your TBR (to be read) piles, and encourage a love of books in the community. Join the challenge and get reading this year.

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How to join the challenge

Read a book that fits into each topic on our list (there's a different one from January to December) to complete the GPL Reading Challenge. That's 12 books total, and only one book a month. You can do it!

GPL Reading Challenge list

Read a book for each of the following topics:

  • January: A book about books
  • February: A genre fiction book by a Black author 
  • March: A biography of a woman you admire 
  • April: A book that's been on your TBR list too long 
  • May: A Canadian Award Winner 
  • June: A LGBTQ2S+ beach read 
  • July: A graphic novel 
  • August: A staff pick
  • September: An Indigenous Canadian memoir 
  • October: A ghost story
  • November: A book where the main character is 65 or older
  • December: A Grimsby Author Series author 

Share what you're reading

Sharing the books you read is not required, but highly encouraged! Share your progress with us and other readers by posting photos and updates on Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #GPLReadingChallenge or by tagging us @GrimsbyLibrary! 

Grand prize draw

At the end of the year we will open up a raffle to draw for our fabulous grand prize package. Anyone has completed the challenge is eligible to enter. 

Submission form will be available in December.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Who can participate in the challenge and prize draw?
Our Reading Challenge is for library users who want to get more reading under their belt this year. The list and grand prize is geared toward adult readers, but teens and kids can join in too. 
 Do I have to read books from the library?
You are definitely encouraged to use our collection to complete the Reading Challenge, however you can use books you have bought, borrowed from friends or already had on your home bookshelf.
 Can I read the book topics on the list out of order? ie. Read the January book in June?
Yes, you can read the books in whatever order you like, as long as you complete the list! However we recommend reading in order to make it more challenging.
 What book formats are allowed?

You can read fiction or non-fiction, in any language, in the following formats:

  • Hardcover or paperback
  • Audiobooks
  • e-Books or e-Audiobooks
  • Graphic novels
 If I read a book that fits into 2 categories, can I use it for both?
 Nope! Only one book per category.



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