What is the Grimsby Beach Study?

The Grimsby Beach Land Use Study will examine the existing conditions; particularly the unique cultural and natural heritage characteristics of Grimsby Beach, to develop an understanding of how the area may change or be impacted by growth and development.  The goal is to establish a community driven vision and principles that can provide guidance a comprehensive and implementable framework/plan that will not only guide appropriate change, but inspire it and preserve what aspects of Grimsby Beach are most valued.

While the Study will be grounded in evidence-based research and technical information, a significant component will be spent reaching out to the community and stakeholders through meaningful engagement.  The community and stakeholders will play a critical role in helping to identify issues and opportunities within the neighbourhood and work together with the Town and consulting team to build consensus on the vision.  Throughout the five phases of the study, there will be public engagement activities that seek to inform, consult and engage.


Photo Gallery: Grimsby Chautauqua will appear here on the public site.

Purpose of the Study:

  • Understand how the area may change or be impacted by growth and development
  • Identify Issues and opportunities in the neighbourhood to create a vision for future growth & development
  • Build a framework/plan to guide appropriate change while preserving Grimsby Beach’s unique cultural and natural heritage characteristics
How can I get involved?

Study Area:

The Grimsby Beach study area is outlined in yellow on the map above. The majority of the study area is located to the North of Lake St., between Baker Rd. North and Park Rd. North. The remaining study area is located to the South of Lake St. between Grand Ave and Birchpark Dr.


Work Program: 

Grimsby Beach Workplan

Past Community Engagement Activities:

  • Walking Tours of Grimsby Beach held on October 24, 2020 and November 14, 2020.

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