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Book Bingo board image

Book BINGO for kids

A fun bookish twist on a classic game. Just print the game card and play! 

Download Book BINGO PDF (colour)

Download Book Bingo PDF (black & white) 


Blackout poetry

Black out poetry example

April is National Poetry Month and you can create your own blackout poem in just a few steps!

Blackout poetry is a form of “found poetry” where you select words from any text – like a newspaper or page of a book – and your chosen words become your poem. You will discover poetry everywhere!

Here’s how:

  1. Find a newspaper, magazine article, or page from a book. You can also scan and print a page from a book. Any block of text will do, in fact, it’s more fun if you pick the text completely randomly!
  2. Skim through the text – don’t read it – and lightly circle in pencil the words that catch your interest. Copy the words you circled to a sheet of paper in the same order they appear in the text. Decide which words you want to keep.
  3. Now get a black marker. On your page of text, draw a box around all the words you decided to keep. Black out all the words you don’t want. You have created a blackout poem! Share your poem on social media and tag us @GrimsbyLibrary on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Download blackout poetry examples

Optional: Take your blackout poem a step further by adding patterns, designs, or a drawing; for example, instead of filling in around your chosen words with solid black, you could create a drawing or design that matches the subject, theme, and tone of your poem.


Create a time capsule

Time capsules are a great way to record important moments in history. To create a time capsule:

  1. Find an air-tight sealable container (make sure it can stand the test of time!)
  2. Fill your container with photographs, objects, notes, letters, usb sticks - anything that can hold or capture this moment in time - and seal it up tight
  3. Pick a date in the future to reopen (1, 10 or 25 years from now?)
  4. Write a note with the date on the outside of your time capsule ("DO NOT OPEN UNTIL ___)
  5. Find a good spot to hide or store it (buried in your backyard, in the back of a closet?) - Just don't forget where you put it!

Need some inspiration to get your time capsule started? Download the COVID-19 time capsule created by Long Creations to capture this life-changing event in history.

Download COVID-19 Time Capsule

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