Establish a living legacy with a commemorative tree or bench to commemorate a person's memory, an anniversary, a special celebration or to create a living legacy in a community park.


  • Donating a bench includes the purchase and installation of the bench, a commemorative plaque that can be engraved with a special message, and a concrete pad that the bench will sit on.
  • Placement of benches are restricted to certain parks and locations at the discretion of staff. Staff are happy to work with you to find a location suitable for a bench.
  • No items can be placed or planted on or beside the bench.
  • To inquire about locations and fees for benches please contact us.


  • There are numerous locations available for tree plantings, including Southward Community Park (legacy tree walk), the West end Waterfront and many other locations.
  • Donating a tree includes the purchase and planting of the young tree, care for the tree including a commitment for replacement for a period of 7 yrs, and a commemorative tag that the donor can have engraved.
  • Tree plantings are carried out at select times in the year (primarily spring and fall). Can take 2-3 months and must be completed in suitable seasons/weather.
  • Donations are eligible for a tax receipt.
  • No items can be placed or planted on or beside tree.
  • To inquire about locations and fees for trees please contact us.

Other commemorative gifts

  • If you have an idea for an alternative commemorative or legacy gift please contact the Parks, Recreation and Culture Department to discuss the idea further, contact us.
  • All alternative commemorative items must be of community benefit, fit into the setting and use of the park or facility and carry minimal maintenance requirements.


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