Wastewater Billing Model Review

Town of Grimsby

Let’s Talk Grimsby - Wastewater Billing Model Review

On November 1, 2021, Council endorsed a change to the way the Town of Grimsby will bill and collect funds required to sustain the Town’s wastewater collection system.  As part of this change, we would like to reach out to our customers to promote awareness and understating of the proposed changes as well as seek feedback.  Currently, the Town’s wastewater collection system is funded on property tax bills as a sewer levy special area rate. Funds collected through this rate are used to pay for sewage treatment costs, routine maintenance programs, and long-term capital rehabilitation and replacement programs.  The endorsed change would shift the way we collect these funds from a rate on your tax bill to a method that splits the costs between your tax bill and your water bill.  The proposal would see customers charged 50% of the cost from the property tax bill, with the remaining 50% being billed on the water bill based on water usage.

Please take a look at our Grimsby Let’s Talk - Wastewater Billing Model Review project page to view supporting materials and to offer your feedback.


Beth Brens
Director of Finance/Treasurer


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