Town of Grimsby announces participation in NEW Niagara Sledge Hockey League

Grimsby, ON – The Town of Grimsby and ParaSport Ontario announce partnership for a new Grimsby Peach Kings Sledge Hockey Team.

“Hockey is truly a sport for everyone, and the Town of Grimsby and the Grimsby Peach Kings are making sure that this hockey season includes players with disabilities with the new Grimsby Peach Kings Sledge Hockey Team,” said Jeff Tiessen, Executive Director of ParaSport Ontario. With a plan to start the first season this fall with a four-team league representing 12 municipalities, interest is very keen in Grimsby and across the region.

Community and connectivity sums up the mission of the Niagara Sledge Hockey League. Niagara’s community of individuals with disability will find community with teammates with and without disabilities. They will represent their community and they will be influencers of awareness and ability. “It’s going to be terrific to see Grimsby’s sledge hockey players representing the region’s iconic Peach Kings name as they pursue their hockey goals and dreams in their sport too,” said Kevin Waters, League Coordinator, ParaSport Ontario.

“On behalf of Town Council I want to thank ParaSport Ontario for including the Town of Grimsby in this exciting venture to bring inclusive sport to our community” said Mayor Jeff Jordan. With your support we will have the “where can I play” solution, with a first-of-its-kind community sledge hockey league right here in Niagara. 

Being a part of a team is something that most youth and young adults with disabilities never experience. The thrill of wearing a team jersey will be a first for many. Representing their community and the camaraderie of teammates will be a new lived experience for most players, adding new friendships to the fun and fitness they’ll get from participating. “Recreational sledge hockey is hard to find in Ontario, which is why we believe that the opportunity for players to play amongst their peers in their own region is invaluable to the sledge hockey community,” said Kevin waters, League Coordinator, ParaSport Ontario.

Beginning with sledge hockey, this program will position Niagara as a model community of inclusive parasport participation in Ontario, providing the “Niagara Blueprint” for other regions across the province. Your support will be instrumental in building something truly remarkable for people here in Niagara and beyond.

The Niagara Sledge Hockey League is open to all Niagara residents with or without a disability. Players with disabilities will receive priority. Register with League Coordinator Kevin Waters: 416-426-7187 x304


Sarah Sweeney
Director, Parks Recreation and Culture
Town of Grimsby


Jeff Tiessen

Executive Director

ParaSport Ontario

(416) 426-7186

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