Sports Related Objects on Municipal Roadways


Sport-related Objects on Municipal Roadways


The Town of Grimsby is responsible for the control and maintenance of local municipal roadways within the Town. We are therefore mindful of any sport-related objects (e.g. hockey nets, basketball nets, skateboard ramps, etc.) placed along the municipal road edge that could interfere with municipal operations or provide a conflict with pedestrians and/or vehicles using the roadway.

Although the Town does not encourage or condone sports or games being played on the roadway or provide permission to residents to place sport-related objects (nets, ramps, etc.) on the municipal road allowance, we recognize that this does occur throughout the Town.

In an effort to reduce/eliminate the potential for these objects to interfere/conflict with the normal operation and maintenance of the roadway, we encourage residents to ensure any unattended nets and ramps be placed/stored outside of the roadway when they are not being used.

If your street has a concrete curb, we ask all unattended objects be pulled back far enough so that the front portion of the object (e.g. rim/frame) is at least 60 cm (24 inches) behind the back of the curb. For areas with granular or grassed shoulders/ditches, we ask that the objects be stored a minimum of 1.5 metres (5 feet) back from the edge of the road surface. During the winter season, we ask that all objects be removed completely from the municipal road allowance and stored on private property. This will help to avoid any conflict with winter road/sidewalk operations and remove any potential damage by our equipment.

Please note the Town is not responsible for any damage to objects placed within the municipal road allowance. Furthermore, Town staff will remove any objects which are found to be persistently left on/within the roadway.

We thank you for your efforts to keep unattended sport-related objects (nets, ramps, etc.) off the municipal roadways and appreciate your co-operation in helping the Town  efficiently and safely maintain our roadways.


Brandon Wartman

Director Public Works

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