Notice - The Weed Control Act (Ontario)

Notice: The Weed Control Act (Ontario) As Amended


Notice is hereby given to every person in possession of land within the Town of Grimsby, in accordance with the Weed Control Act R.S.O. 1990, and By-Law 98-39 Abandoned Orchard Control, that the main purpose of the Act is to reduce the impact of noxious weeds on the industries of agriculture and horticulture.

The Weed Act primarily applies to agricultural and horticultural lands that generate income or other benefits to agriculture.  This excludes lawns, gardens, and private areas for personal enjoyment and leisure.

In Urban Areas, Sections 3, 13, 16, and 18 do not apply to noxious weeds or weed seeds that are far enough away from any land used for agriculture or horticulture purposes, as they not do not interfere with that use.

Therefore, unless the noxious weeds and weed seeds and diseased orchard fruit trees thereon are destroyed by June 1, 2021 and throughout the season, the Corporation of the Town of Grimsby may have such weeds and weed seeds destroyed, and the costs thereof will be charged against the land and collected in the same manner as taxes, as set out in the Act.

Hay fever is principally caused by ragweed. Therefore, ragweed requires special continuous attention and should be uprooted, cut, or sprayed immediately when growth is evident.  PLEASE NOTE that dandelions, burdock and golden rod are not considered noxious weeds under the Weed Control Act.


2021 Weed Control Rates

The costs incurred by the Town to control weeds on private property, as defined in the Act, is charged back at the rate of $95 per hour. The total time includes inspection and mowing time, as well as equipment downtime, which may occur as a result of neglected property. The cost charged for the destruction of diseased orchard fruit trees shall be based on actual costs incurred by the Town plus overhead and administration costs. Information regarding specific locations where noxious weeds are flourishing and that impact the industries of agriculture and horticulture within the Town, should be brought to the attention of the Weed Inspector by calling (905) 945-9201.




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