Mature Beech Tree Removal

Mature Beech Tree with damage

Mature Beech Tree Removal

On Friday, as a result of a wind/rain storm, a very mature European Beech Tree at the corner of Nelles Road and Main St suffered significant damage; loosing a very large section of the tree.  The portion of the fallen tree fell onto the roadway/boulevard, and thankfully no one was injured. 

 Both the property owners and Town staff have reviewed the condition of the tree as it remains, and consulted with 2 different arborists to determine if there was a way to save the tree.  Unfortunately, all assessments agreed that the tree has substantial decay and the risk of further failing/falling poses a significant public safety concern.  As a result of these assessments, the tree is scheduled for immediate removal. 

 This is a disappointing outcome that was hoped to be avoidable.  The property owner  recognizes the significance of the tree and will be working to salvage the wood and reuse it in the community in a meaningful way.

 The tree removal will begin on Tues June 1st

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