Grimsby's Got It! Buy Local Campaign Launch


Town Launches Buy Local Campaign in Partnership with the Chamber of Commerce to Support Local Businesses


COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on the community, with local businesses suffering tremendous losses. The pandemic has challenged the survival of many long established businesses, with an alarming percentage having had to close their doors.

To support local businesses during this challenging time, the Town of Grimsby, in partnership with the Grimsby & District Chamber of Commerce, has launched a Buy Local Campaign  to increase consumer traffic within local businesses.

By doing so, investment will be driven towards the local economy, ultimately supporting the business community during the challenging and continually changing landscape presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Grimsby’s Got It! will act as a dual-pronged awareness campaign that will educate consumers on the importance of supporting local businesses, as well as drive traffic to the wide variety of businesses in Grimsby, by promoting their locations as the best places to shop.

Through social media campaigns, direct mail to residents, and ongoing communications and business engagement, the initiative will focus on building awareness (what), education (why) and excitement (how) about the campaign.

Residents are encouraged to participate in the campaign by engaging on social media, reporting their local spend, and signing up for contests; contest prizes are valued between $50 - $500 in gift certificates from local businesses! For more information, businesses and residents can visit

“All of Council and Town staff are very excited for the launch of this campaign. Many small businesses have suffered throughout the pandemic, so we are excited to be partnering with the Chamber of Commerce to ensure we do everything possible to support local,” said Mayor Jeff Jordan. “I encourage all businesses and residents to get involved and participate because no matter what item you’re looking to purchase or activity you’d like to do, Grimsby’s Got It!”

For more information, review the Buy Local Campaign Update staff report on the June 7, 2021 Committee of the Whole agenda.


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Executive Assistant to the Mayor and CAO

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