Grimsby to Recognize National Day of Truth and Reconciliation

Every Child Matters

On September 30th, Grimsby Council, staff and members of the community will come together to observe the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation, also known as Orange Shirt Day. The day recognizes the colonial legacy of residential schools, honours Indigenous survivors, and is vital to the ongoing reconciliation process.

This year there were many heart breaking discoveries of the remains of so many Indigenous children at former residential school sites, which reminded people across Canada of the tragic and lasting intergeneration impacts the residential school system has had on Indigenous communities.

In response, the Grimsby Public Library and Art Gallery encouraged people to express their respect and sympathy for the sufferings that these children, their families and their communities endured by contributing to a Ribbon Memorial in the garden near the south end of the Library /Art Gallery building.

On September 30th, Nokomis Migizinz Cindilee Ecker-Flagg, Reverend, who is working with the Grimsby Public Art Gallery and Museum as Indigenous Researcher/Event Coordinator, will perform the necessary ceremony to de-commission the memorial and bring rest to the spirits of these children.

Following the ceremony the ribbons will be removed and stored appropriately as part of the gallery collection.

“The residential school system is a dark chapter of Canadian history that represents nothing short of cultural genocide,” said Mayor Jordan. “While I know nothing will ever be able to reverse the past mistreatment of Indigenous communities, we will continue to work with local Indigenous groups in order to further our commitment to protect, preserve, and honour Indigenous history and culture within our community.”

For more information on residential schools, survivor stories and details on how you can support ongoing campaigns, explore online resources such as the Woodland Culture Centre.


Rachael Ball-Condron
Executive Assistant to the Mayor and CAO

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