Grimsby launches Farm Parcel Municipal Address Program

Grimsby launches Farm Parcel Municipal Address Program

The Farm Parcel Municipal Address Program (also known as Farm 911 - The Emily Project)  is now available in Grimsby.  This program permits address signage to be installed on rural farm lands that normally do not have civic addresses.  The address signs helps to provide a street address location in case of emergency, which can lead to a more efficient and effective emergency service response.

This program is inspired by the Emily Project, in memory of Emily Trudeau.  Farm accidents can occur in the most remote locations, making it difficult for first responders to easily locate the situation. In the event of an emergency, no one should have to wait helplessly for first responders to find them. Time is everything, and an address at the entrance to a vacant farm land could make all the difference.

Property owners of rural farm lands can now submit an application to have this addressing created and roadside signage installed. 

Farm Parcel Municipal Address Application Form

Learn more about Farm 911 - The Emily Project 


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